The best 23andMe Black Friday deals

23andMe isn’t just about finding out your genetic history. You can discover all sorts about your health too - grab it while it’s on offer with these 23andMe Black Friday deals

23andMe Black Friday deals
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If there’s one thing that makes the 23andMe DNA testing kit stand out from the crowd, it’s the information it gives you. Because of this, the 23andMe testing kits are generally more expensive than their counterparts. This makes taking advantage of these best 23andMe Black Friday deals even more worthwhile.  

There are two 23andMe testing kits to choose from. The first one purely allows you to find out more about your genetic makeup. You can find out things like whereabouts in the world you’re from, what percentage neanderthal DNA you have, and it also allows you to match your DNA with similar samples to help you discover distant relatives from around the world. 

The second 23andMe testing kit also goes into your health DNA. It can tell you whether you’re intolerant to a certain substance (like lactose or gluten), and it tells you whether you’re a carrier of a defective gene — one that could be passed down to future generations. 

Reviews of the 23andMe testing kit are particularly impressed with its intuitive dashboard, which displays all of your genetic information in easy to understand maps, graphs, and figures. It’s also worth bearing in mind that 23andMe samples can take as little as three weeks to get back to you. 

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 The best 23andMe Black Friday deals 

With two kits to choose from, discover anything from distance relatives to your genetic makeup. Get them while they’re on offer thanks to these Black Friday deals. 

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