The best OTTY mattress discount codes and deals: Save up to £250 in the 'Sleeptember' sale | T3

The best OTTY mattress discount codes and deals: Save up to £250 in the 'Sleeptember' sale

Your definitive guide to the best cheap OTTY mattress deals this month

OTTY mattress discount codes, deals and offers
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A good OTTY mattress discount can cut a decent chunk off the price of OTTY's award-winning mattresses. On this page, we're curating the cheapest OTTY mattress deals, so you can sleep easy knowing you haven't overpaid. 

There's more good news too: OTTY almost always has deals on, so chances are you won't need to pay full price for your new mattress. Right now, it's 'Sleeptember', and you can get up to £250 off mattresses, with price drops across the full range. 

The OTTY Hybrid features highly in our best mattress ranking; we found it extremely comfortable and supportive. However, what sets the OTTY range apart is its price, which is lower than that of most of its main competitors. And with a cheeky OTTY mattress discount, this brand gets even more appealing. 

If you've missed this deal, you'll find more savings in our roundup of the best cheap mattress deals. There are plenty of offers available on mattresses – keep your eyes peeled and you shouldn't have to pay full price. Wait it out for one of the best Amazon Prime Day deals or Black Friday deals, but there are also offers year-round.

OTTY has four different mattresses to choose from. There's the OTTY Hybrid mattress, which has 2,000 supportive pocket springs and three layers of cushioning foam. It's very reasonably priced, but for something cheaper you could opt for the OTTY Essential Hybrid, its budget-friendly sibling – or the OTTY Flex, which is cheaper again, but doesn't feature the spring layer.

Finally, there's the luxurious OTTY PURE Hybrid Bamboo & Charcoal Mattress. A UK-first, this mattress is made from bamboo memory foam with charcoal infused layers. It's designed to be antibacterial, odour-eliminating, moisture absorbing and temperature-regulating.

OTTY mattress deal | Get up to £250 off at OTTY
Price drops across the full range! The amount you'll save depends on which mattress and size you go for, but there are big discounts across the full OTTY range (which is already extremely competitively priced). Prices now start at just £232 for the OTTY Flex Memory Foam single. View Deal

OTTY bundle deals | Save up to 43% at OTTY
If you add some sleep accessories to your mattress order, such as luxury pillows or a new bed frame, you can save even more right now in the OTTY sale. There's up to a £535 discount available. View Deal

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OTTY mattress discounts and deals

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OTTY mattress discounts and deals

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OTTY mattress discounts and deals

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The best OTTY Hybrid mattress deals and discounts

Buy the excellent OTTY Hybrid mattress for less

Sizes: Single to Super-King
Depth: 25cm
Turn: No
Filling: 14cm pocket springs, reflex foam, memory foam
Comfort: medium-firm
Trial: 100 nights
Guarantee: 10 years
RRP: Single: £374.99, Double: £599.99, King: £699.99, Super king: £799.99
Reasons to buy
+Premium comfort and support+Great price+100-night trial
Reasons to avoid
-Possibly too firm for some

How good is the OTTY Hybrid mattress?

We rate the OTTY Hybrid as one of the best mattresses you can buy – you'll find it inside our best mattress guide. It's extremely comfortable, with excellent support and great temperature regulation to stop you becoming too hot at night. However, what really sets it apart is its price, which is lower than that of competing bed in a box mattresses like the Emma mattress, Simba Hybrid Original and Nectar. 

The OTTY Hybrid has a moderately firm feel, combining a supportive core of 2,000 pocket springs with a squishy upper layer that sleeps impressively cool in hot weather. If you like medium-firm support, are shopping on a sensible budget and want a mattress with foam that won’t slowly cook you at night, it's a great buy. 

How much does an OTTY Hybrid mattress cost? 

OTTY mattress discounts, deals and offers

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The OTTY Hybrid has a lower price than comparable hybrid mattresses like the Simba and Casper Hybrid. It costs £379.99 for a single, £549.99 for a double, £649.99 for a king and £749.99 for a super king. 

However, OTTY and its stockists frequently run OTTY mattress deals and discounts that make the Hybrid and other OTTY sleep products even more reasonably priced. These run all year-round, particularly over Black Friday and Cyber Monday (more on that below), and after Christmas.

More OTTY sleep products

If you can’t get enough of OTTY's unique brand of affordable luxury, you’ll be happy to hear there’s a small-but-comfortably-formed range of companion products to go with (or without) the Hybrid mattress, including some superb memory foam pillows, and a smart, contemporary bed frame in a range of sizes. 

OTTY Deluxe pillow: £42.10 (£54.99) | at Amazon
Whereas OTTY is at the more affordable end of the high-quality mattress market, it's more of a luxury brand when it comes to pillows. This one, the OTTY Deluxe, pulls out all the stops, with a hypo-allergenic removable cover, three-year guarantee, and the same temperature-regulating memory foam that makes the OTTY Hybrid mattress great.View Deal

OTTY Adjustable pillow: £84.99 | at OTTY
Here’s an intriguing option for people who sometimes struggle to get comfy on their pillow. True to its name, the OTTY Adjustable pillow has adjustable memory foam fillings, which allow the user to change the height of the pillow from the bed. Topped off with a cover made of duck down and Egyptian cotton, this is every inch the high-end pillow you’d expect at this premium price-point.View Deal

OTTY bed frame: from £349.99
Echoing the contemporary style of the OTTY Hybrid mattress, the OTTY bed frame could be the ideal foundation for your lovely new bed. At first glance, its standout features are its eco-friendly rubber-wood legs and its expansive, wool-blend coated headboard. Over time, you may come to appreciate its slats even more: they’re enhanced with metal cores to make the bed sturdier and more supportive.View Deal

OTTY Black Friday and Cyber Monday mattress deals 2020: what we expect

We predict that the best OTTY Black Friday and Cyber Monday mattress deals in 2020 will be even better than those we saw in 2019. Last year, you could save up to £500 on OTTY bundles for Black Friday. There was also a massive £150 off the OTTY Hybrid (all sizes except single), and 35% off the OTTY Flex memory foam mattress. 

Rewind to 2018, and some of the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday OTTY mattress deals knocked just £50 off the price of the company's Hybrid and Essential mattresses. 

As the mattress market continues to get more competitive, we expect to see bigger price drops on OTTY mattresses – not just for Black Friday 2020 and Cyber Monday, but at other times of the year, too. 

When else can I bag the best OTTY mattress deals?

There are a number of times throughout the year that we expect to see particularly good OTTY mattress discounts. The Boxing Day and January sales are two such times.

However, we've seen OTTY mattress deals in March, for example, which not only is the UK National Sleep Month, but it's also the time of year many retailers are looking to clear older stock. Amazon Prime Day (usually in July, but Amazon Prime Day 2020 has been pushed right back) is also a good time to look out for a price drop. In general, there's usually a cheap OTTY mattress deal around – and you'll find the best ones on this page.

Expired OTTY deals

To help you get an idea of the kinds of deals you can expect at OTTY, here's a look at the offers you've missed.

June 2020 OTTY mattress deal: Save £200 on the OTTY Hybrid Mattress
OTTY is the only boxed mattress to be awarded with a prestigious NBF (National Bed Federation) Award so far. Which is why up to £200 off the OTTY Hybrid Mattress is a great deal. Prices now start from just £299.99. Nice! View Deal