Best shampoo for men 2022: for all hair types

It’s time to level up your hair game, lads, with the best shampoo for men

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Everyone’s hair is different, so the best shampoo for men ultimately comes down to individual preference. The thing is, most men aren’t even sure what they want from a shampoo, let alone knowing which product can deliver the best result. Well, this is exactly why we’ve put together this best men’s shampoo buying guide. The difference in using a shampoo that’s not right for you, and finding a product that matches your hair type is scalpable. (Sorry.)

For instance: do you have super dry and brittle hair that looks like cotton wool? Is your hair thinning and needs some help looking a little more full? Is it a little on the oily side and thus hard to style without looking like you’ve not washed it in a week? Or perhaps it’s coloured and you want to retain it for as long as possible? These are all common concerns that men face when it comes to their hair, and it could all just come down to the shampoo you use. Choosing the right product for your hair type is half the battle and a good, well-suited shampoo could be all you need to ensure a bad hair day is a thing of the past. 

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In this guide, we’re listing the top shampoos for men categorised by hair type and the desired outcome so you can get the result you want with minimal effort. Hair goes…

How to choose the best shampoo for men

It’s all good and well knowing what we think are the best shampoo products out there, but how do you choose an offering that’s right for you? Here are some things to think about when scanning the shop shelves, be it the physical or virtual kind…

Know your hair type

Everyone’s hair is different but men’s mops usually fall under one of three main categories: dry, oily or normal (a combination of the two). Knowing which your hair best resembles can not only help make shampoo shopping much easier, but change the way your hair looks and feels, for good! A simple way to tell what type of hair you have is to take a tissue or blotting paper and dab it on your hair. If there is a blot of oil you have oily hair, but if there's nothing on the tissue you have dry hair.

Think about the result you want

Nearly all shampoos have a nice smell to them, but there’s way more to consider than that. 

Most products are marketed to solve a specific problem or concern. From helping you to control unruly locks to repairing hair after colouring, for instance. The easiest thing to do is simply think about the outcome you want and the pain point you might currently have, if any. Dry hair? Opt for a nourishing, moisturising shampoo, for example, while also looking into some intensive conditioning masks. 

Don’t be fooled by shampoo made “specifically for men”

Unlike we're led to believe through marketing, there’s no real difference between women's and men’s hair. Whether it's got bright pink and floral packaging or strong, masculine shapes and dark colours, the result is the same. Opt for a shampoo that speaks to you and don't be duped purely by what the packaging is telling you. 

The best shampoo for men you can buy today:

Nioxin Hair Care System

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1. Nioxin Hair Care System

There’s no better shampoo for promoting hair growth

Best for: Thinning hair
Reasons to buy
+Noticeably more hair growth with regular use +Strengthens hair resilience against damage and breakage
Reasons to avoid
-Isn’t cheap-Full effect requires the full three-step system

Nioxin’s hair care system is one of the best on the market for those concerned about hair loss. If you’ve noticed any type of thinning around the front of the scalp or are worried about balding, the Nioxin system can help thanks to its trinity of nifty solutions which work with one another as a treatment to deliver fuller-looking hair. 

First, the Nioxin Cleanser Shampoo removes dirt, sebum and other environmental residues from the scalp and hair, and should be followed by the Nioxin Scalp Therapy Conditioner, which hydrates scalp and hair from root to tip. Once the hair is towel dry, the third step in this process involves the application of Nioxin’s Scalp & Hair Treatment, which refreshes the scalp and increases hair volume. We’ve been using this product for years now and because it works so well, we swear by it. The only thing is: you need the full three-step system for it to work to the full effect, so it’s worth taking that into account.

Olaplex No.4 shampoo

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2. Olaplex No.4 shampoo

The most intensive treatment your hair will ever go through

Best for: Weak, damaged or coloured hair
Reasons to buy
+Works to repair bonds within the hair to replenish strength and quality+Will leave your hair in incredible condition 
Reasons to avoid
-Works best as part of a multi-product treatment, so achieving best results can be time consuming and expensive

As anyone who uses Olaplex regularly will tell you, this shampoo is the best around if you want salon-quality results from your daily wash. Granted, at £24 a bottle, it's not the cheapest out there, but a little goes a long way and the finish you get is 100% worth every penny.

There’s actually some unique science to how Olaplex is able to give you a good hair day time and time again. According to the brand, it restores damaged and compromised hair by repairing it from the inside out with a patented ingredient called Bis-Aminopropyl Diglycol Dimaleate. This chemical works to repair and strengthen the millions of disulfide bonds that make up the hair and give it its structure and stability. 

As a final note, don’t be fooled into thinking this shampoo is for women. As hair experts have tolds us previously, there’s no difference between men and women’s hair, so the result Olaplex gives you will be the same no matter what sex you are. The only downside is that it works best when used alongside the other products in the Olaplex range, which can mount up.

Ishga Organic Seaweed Shampoo

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3. Ishga Organic Seaweed Shampoo

Luxury seaweed hair care for a gentle cleanse

Best for: Sensitive scalps
Reasons to buy
+One of the best-smelling shampoos you’ll ever use+A sustainable brand with eco merits
Reasons to avoid
-£17 a bottle

Ishga organic skincare products offer some of the best-smelling formulas we’ve ever laid our nostrils on. The brand’s haircare range is no exception. Created in Scotland to bring all the benefits of luxury seaweed skincare to the rescue of tired hair, the Ishga’s Organic Seaweed Shampoo is a natural shampoo boasting some great detoxifying, plant-derived ingredients, which work to gently cleanse both hair and scalp. The aloe vera component means it’s great for sensitive heads, too, as it works to soothe the scalp while strengthening the hair. There’s also a bunch of essential oils thrown in for good measure, which only add to that bloody great aroma, including lavender, bergamot and even some Hebridean seawater and seaweed extract. These, the company says, heal, promote growth, and act as a natural, aromatic serum. A magical, uplifting shampoo. 

Object Rejuvenating Shampoo Bar

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4. Object Rejuvenating Shampoo Bar

Washing your hair with a bar of soap never felt so normal

Best for: The eco-conscious
Reasons to buy
+Zero-plastic and vegan+Novelty design+A little goes a long way
Reasons to avoid
-Bar design might not appeal to everyone

Object is a new ethical, zero plastic natural beauty brand. Launched in 2021 the company has developed a range of natural shampoos, conditioners and cleansing bars that are already gaining some great traction. Probably for its unique positioning. Its Rejuvenating Shampoo actually comes in the form of a bar, like the kind you’d find in an old school soap dish. Only it isn’t soap, it’s shampoo - with a unique blend of ginger, vitamin E and aloe vera inside, and scented with natural essential oils, natch.

We have to admit, using a shampoo that looks like a bar of soap made us uneasy at first, but as soon as we got in the shower we were pleasantly surprised. This shampoo bar has a lovely lather to it. Formulated for all hair types, it feels super cleansing. At first glance, it might look like this small bar of shampoo will last two minutes, but a little goes a long way. In fact, we’re told it’s actually the equivalent of up to three bottles of liquid shampoo. Crazy stuff! 

Urtekram Blown Away Wild Lemongrass Intense Moisture Shampoo

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5. Urtekram Blown Away Wild Lemongrass Intense Moisture Shampoo

A super organic and natural wash

Best for: Dry and normal hair
Reasons to buy
+Super natural, vegan ingredients  +Helps the hair regain moisture, softness and shine+Plant-based packaging made from sugar cane waste+Accessible price point
Reasons to avoid
-Might be hard to get hold of; not stocked everywhere 

You might not have heard of them before, but Urtekram is a vegan beauty brand that’s growing in popularity thanks to its great quality products and plant-based packaging that don’t require you to remortgage your house before purchase. The firm’s Blown Away Wild Lemongrass Intense Moisture Shampoo is one of our favourites. Ideal for normal and dry hair, this shampoo has some great hydrating ingredients that are 99% natural in origin and leave your hair super smooth and shiny. This includes aloe vera and the more revitalizing lemongrass, the latter of which smells divine - especially early in the morning when you need extra help waking up. Bonus: all Urtekram’s products come in plant-based packaging made from sugar cane waste. 

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