Best electric blankets 2021: Heated blankets and throws to keep you warm

Get cosy with the best electric blankets and heated throws, whether you're napping on the sofa or curling up in bed

best electric blanket: Slumberdown Wonderfully Warm Multi-Zone Electric Blanket
(Image credit: Slumberdown)

When it comes to warming up in winter, the best electric blankets and heated throws simply can't be beaten. While it can take ages for central heating to raise the temperature of a room, start snuggling up underneath one of these cosy blankets and you'll be feeling toasty in no time at all.

Whether you want a warm bed to dive into at night, or to curl up on the sofa feeling all cosy, the best electric blankets have you covered. But there's a wide range to choose from. Some are pretty basic, offering simple, fuss-free controls, whereas others offer you more detailed options for temperature controls and timings.

In this article, we'll bring you the very best electric blankets and heated throws available today, for a variety of budgets, and in a range of different styles. Also while you're thinking about upgrading your sleep experience, make sure you check out our guide to the best weighted blankets and the best mattresses too (and the best cheap mattress deals, too).

 How to choose the best electric blanket 

With so many electric blankets on the market, how do you choose the right one for you? One method can be buying from a bedding company you already know and trust, such as Silentnight. That said, new brands are arriving on the scene all the time, and they often work harder in terms of quality and value, in order to compete. So while we've included some names on our list that you may not have heard of, don't skip past them, but check out what they have to offer too.

You should also be thinking about the style of blanket you want. Some of the best electric blankets work under your bedsheets, while others are quilts that cover you up, and still others are fleece throws that you can snuggle under at any time of the day. So think about when you're likely to need an extra blast of heat, and whether you want the option to throw it off if you get too warm. With all that in mind, read on to discover the best electric blankets you can buy right now...

Best electric blanket: Silentnight Comfort Control Electric Blanket

(Image credit: Silentnight)

1. Silentnight Comfort Control Electric Blanket

The best electric blanket overall

Reasons to buy
+ Quick-heating + Different heat settings + Trusted brand 

One of the most trusted bed brands, Silentnight creates a range of fantastic electric blankets. One of our favourites, and the most affordable, is this simple Comfort Control electric blanket. Our top pick for the best electric blanket is an under-blanket type, which means you put it directly onto your mattress and then cover it with a bedsheet. This is ideal if you have a bed that’s often way too cold, and want to be able to heat it in an instant. The blanket has a simple-to-use controller with different settings. And it's machine washable, so you can take it off and refresh it whenever you like. 

Best electric blankets: Slumberdown Wonderfully Warm Multi-Zone Electric Blanket

(Image credit: Slumberdown)

2. Slumberdown Wonderfully Warm Multi-Zone Electric Blanket

A luxury heated blanket offering individual heat zones

Reasons to buy
+ Different heat zones + Machine washable + 9 heat settings 

This luxury heated under blanket is for people who don’t always want the same temperature all over their bed. It boast a number of different heat zones and 9 different heat settings. Which means that, for example, you can have a different temperature at your feet, to warm up cold toes, than you do at your torso. This is one of the most comfortable options on our list of best electric blankets thanks to its elasticated straps, which keep it in place, as well as its soft, quilted fleece layer, which provides a comfy sleep surface. 

Best electric blankets: Dreamland Boutique

(Image credit: Dreamland)

3. Dreamland Boutique Dual Control Electric Blanket

The best electric blanket for couples who prefer different temperatures

Reasons to buy
+ Dual heat settings  + Machine washable + Gets to work fast 

Heated electric blankets can be tricky if your partner doesn’t want the same warm and toasty bed as you do. That’s why this is one of our favourite electric blankets, designed to alleviate night-time arguments with a dual control setting. This means you can have one heat on one side of the bed and another on the other. This electric blanket has a lot of great added features, including 5 heat settings, a fast heat setting that promises to warm your whole bed in just 5 minutes, as well as a machine washable outer material.

Best electric blankets: Monogram Komfort

(Image credit: Beurer Komfort)

4. Monogram Komfort Fully Fitted Fleecy Heated Blanket

The ideal electric blanket for those who want maximum cosiness

Reasons to buy
+ Soft and fleecy material + 6 heat settings + Quick heat option 

This reliable electric blanket has all of the basics covered, including 6 different heat settings, and a quick heat option that’ll have your bed warm and toasty in under 10 minutes. It's a great choice for those who want their bed to be extra specially soft and cosy, because it’s made from a fleecy material to make your sleep more luxurious. The blanket comes in a few variations: one with a single controller if you and your partner tend to agree on the heat of your bed; another with a dual controller for different temperatures on different sides.

Best electric blankets: Beurer Monogram Allergy-free heated mattress cover double

(Image credit: Beurer )

5. Beurer Monogram Allergy-Free Heated Mattress Cover

Allergy sufferers, this is the electric blanket for you

Reasons to buy
+ Anti-allergy material + 6 heat settings + Quick heat setting 

This electric blanket has an added benefit: its anti-allergy material helps to kill dust mites and eggs, which can cause disrupted sleep. As well as its allergy-fighting features, this electric blanket has 6 different heat settings to help you find the perfect temperature, as well as a quick heat setting. The latter is ideal for putting on just before bed, or for making waking up when it’s cold a little more bearable. Like many of the best heated electric blankets on the list, this one also has an elasticated skirt round the edges, which means it stays in place no matter how much you wriggle throughout the night. 

Best electric blankets: Cosi Home Electric Blanket

(Image credit: Cosi Home )

6. Cosi Home Electric Heated Throw and Over Blanket

An electric blanket that doubles as a heated throw for your sofa or bed

Reasons to buy
+ Use it day and night + Large size + Super soft fabric 

If you prefer the idea of a heated throw (or over blanket) rather than a heated under blanket or mattress protector, then this is the best electric blanket-meets-throw for you. Cosi's luxurious blanket is not only huge at 160 x 130cm, but it also has 9 different adjustable heat settings, as well as the softest fleece material. Because this is a throw, you can use it to keep you warm and toasty during the day; at night as a blanket; or even over a quilt during the chilly winter months.

Best electric blankets: Dreamland Faux Fur Electric Heated Throw

(Image credit: Dreamland)

7. Dreamland Relaxwell Deluxe Alaskan Husky Faux Fur heated throw

The best electric blanket for luxury look and feel

Reasons to buy
+Stylish looks +Luxurious feel +Cheap to run

Want to curl up on the sofa and imagine you’re in an exclusive, cosy ski lodge? Then this stylish faux-fur heated throw will give you the luxurious look you’re after. It also feels wonderfully soft to the skin, and heats up quickly (in around five minutes). You can choose from 6 different heat settings, which are maintained by Intelliheat technology so they adjust to any ambient temperature changes. There’s also a programmable auto shut-off timer that switches off the blanket at any point you choose between one and nine hours later. It costs from as little as 1p to run, it’s machine-washable at 40C, and it’s tumble dryer safe too.

Best electric blanket: HomeFront Electric Blanket Double Size

(Image credit: HomeFront)

8. HomeFront Electric Blanket

This electric blanket has illuminated controls for use at night

Reasons to buy
+Fleece finish+Large enough for double beds+Illuminated controls

If cosy, soft bedding is high on your agenda then this you'll love Homefront's electric blanket, which comes with a luxurious fleece finish. It also has a fitted elasticated skirt to ensure it stays put no matter how much you wriggle around in your sleep. Illuminated controls allow you to make adjustments throughout the night for maximum comfort and flexibility. There are 9 different heat settings to choose from and 10 timer settings, which allow you to pinpoint certain areas you might want heating up more than others. That's an ideal feature for those who suffer from arthritis and circulation problems.

Best electric blankets: Monogram Konnect Smart Heated Mattress Cover

(Image credit: Monogram)

9. Monogram Konnect smart underblanket

The best electric blanket with smart technology

Reasons to buy
+App controlled +Different heat programs +Fits easily to bed

Why would you want to control your electric blanket from your smartphone? Well, if you’re on your way home on a freezing cold night, it might be nice to heat up your bed or sofa via an app, so it’s ready and waiting for you when you get in. If that appeals to you, then we’d recommend this smart underblanket from Monogram. The free app also allows you to set different heat programmes for each day of the week, and you can check your energy consumption too. You have 9 temperature settings to choose from as well as 4 separate temperature zones to control, so you get the heat to the areas of your body that most need it. It’s easy to fit to your mattress using the elasticated skirt, and there’s an electronic sensor that automatically shuts down the blanket if it overheats.

Best electric blankets: Morphy Richards Washable Heated Underblanket Electric Blanket Double

(Image credit: Morphy Richards)

10. Morphy Richards Washable Heated Underblanket Electric Blanket Double

The best electric blanket for smaller budgets

Reasons to buy
+Extra heat for your feet+Affordable+Washable and tumble dryer-friendly

If you’re looking for a way to warm up your bed without breaking the bank, then this electric blanket from Morphy Richards is worth checking out. 

It offers all of the must-have features that more expensive blankets in this list have, like different heating zones for your feet, four heat levels depending on the season and added protection from over-heating... but all for a fraction of the price. 

It’s also practical because it’s easy to wash and is tumble dryer-friendly so there’s no extra hassle needed to keep it clean. 

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