Best Skullcandy headphones 2021: colourful wireless headphones for all budgets

These are the best Skullcandy headphones, whether you’re looking for true wireless earbuds or noise-cancelling headphones

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Best Skullcandy headphones
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The best Skullcandy headphones can range from £20 to £200 - whatever your budget, this American audio brand is sure to have something that will appeal to you. 

From true wireless earbuds to over-ear headphones, they literally do it all. That's probably why they're still so popular after nearly two decades on shop shelves. Some of the best cheap headphones you can buy are made by Skullcandy. 

Most known for their grungy style and cool colours, Skullcandy headphones offer something a little bit different to the likes of JBL, Sony or Jabra. Because of that, they make great gifts and stocking fillers, or if you’re buying for yourself, they offer loads of designs to suit your own personal style. 

Granted, you probably won't see Skullcandy headphones at the top of T3's guides to the best wireless earbuds or the best noise-cancelling headphones but that's not to say they aren't still worth considering. One thing you can be sure of is that you’re guaranteed something a little bit different to what you would get from the rest of the headphones crowd. 

The best Skullcandy headphones you can buy today

Skullcandy Indy Evo in Mint

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Best Skullcandy headphones for most people

Listening time per charge: 6 hours
Listening time with case: 30 hours
Reasons to buy
+Plenty of battery life+Tile built-in+Secure fit
Reasons to avoid
-No active noise cancelling-Case doesn’t always stay shut

The Skullcandy Indy Evo are cheap and cheerful true wireless earbuds. These are the best Skullcandy headphones for most people because of their affordable price, comfortable design and decent sound quality.

The buds look similar to Apple AirPods and they come housed in a charging case that gives you up to 30 hours of battery life in total, so you’ll barely have to worry about charging them. 

While the sound quality isn’t going to blow you away, it is good enough for casual day to day use because it's surprisingly rich and clear. To adjust the audio according to what type of content you’re listening to, there are three preset equaliser modes to choose from: music, movies or podcasts. There’s also an Ambient Mode which should help you keep some of the noise from the outside world out, although there's no ANC here.

Thanks to the wingtips, the Skullcandy Indy Evo will be good to use for workouts. And because they’re available in five different colours, the Skullcandy Indy Evo would make a great gift as well. Read more about them in the Skullcandy Indy Evo review

Skullcandy Dime in orange

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Best cheap Skullcandy headphones

Listening time per charge: 3.5 hours
Listening time with case: 12 hours
Reasons to buy
+Light and compact+Comfortable to wear+Decent sound performance
Reasons to avoid
-Short battery life-Cheap plastic design

You almost won’t believe how cheap the Skullcandy Dime true wireless earbuds are, they’re by far the cheapest headphones on this list. 

Not only are they super affordable but they’re perfect for keeping with you at all times. They’re tiny and they come in a compact charging case that you can attach to your keys. Granted the small size does mean you only get about 3.5 hours of music from a single charge but the case provides you with a total of 12 hours of use which will be fine if you’re only going to use them here and there. 

The sound actually exceeds expectations as well, despite the build quality feeling a little flimsy. They're not perfect but tehy're not bad either. In the Skullcandy Dime review, we were pleasantly surprised by these headphones! 

Skullcandy Hesh ANC in white with beige ear cushions

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Best noise-cancelling Skullcandy headphones

Listening time per charge: 22 hours
Listening time with case: N/A
Reasons to buy
+Impressive noise-cancelling+Comfortable fit+Tile technology built-in
Reasons to avoid
-Completely plastic design-No app or manual EQ settings

It’s safe to say that the Skullcandy Hesh ANC are the best Skullcandy headphones for ANC because they manage to block out distracting noise almost completely, whether that’s traffic, chatter or even engine noise. You’ll be able to focus on your music without outside noises bothering you. 

When you do need to hear what’s going on, you just press the ANC button twice to switch on the Ambient mode that lets in some noise, or turn off the ANC completely to let it all in. 

You can’t expect top-tier sound quality here but you can expect energetic and bassy sound as well as a 22-hour battery life so you can listen for hours, and hours and hours. What’s more, is that these headphones feature Tile technology so if you lose them at home, you can just ‘ring’ them through the Tile app, you’ll be able to hear exactly where you left them. You can find out more in the Skullcandy Hesh ANC review.

Skullcandy Push Active out of the case in black

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4. Skullcandy Push Active

Best Skullcandy headphones for workouts

Listening time per charge: 10 hours
Listening time with case: 34 hours
Reasons to buy
+Long battery life+Sweat and water-resistant+Secure fit 
Reasons to avoid
-Sounds lacks bass-Large charging case

The Skullcandy Push Active stands out as the most fitness-friendly earbuds thanks to the flexible ear hooks that keep them in place, even when your head moves around a lot. The Push Active is also sweat- and water-resistant (IP55 rated), so you don’t have to worry about ruining your headphones, even when you’re sweating buckets.

Having Skull iQ onboard means the Push Active can be operated via voice control. Activating it is as easy as saying, “Hey, Skullcandy!”. Shouting “Hey, Skullcandy!” in public every time you need the volume raised will not make you the most popular person, but it could come in handy if you’re wearing a helmet, for example. 

Speaking of wearing a helmet: the Push Active has a “Stay-Aware Mode”, which lets sound in from your surroundings, making it safer to wear the buds in traffic. Ideal for people riding a road bike or an e-scooter and those in the office who can’t just zone out listening to a good audiobook. 

The sound quality is not mind-blowing but decent enough for earbuds this size. Music plays clearly although we would have appreciated more robust noise-cancelling capabilities (ANC, even) as the Push Active can struggle with keeping external sounds away from your ears in loud environments such as the gym. Bass is also not the most powerful, making it particularly hard to drown out sounds coming from beyond the buds.

Skullcandy Crusher Evo in chilli grey

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5. Skullcandy Crusher Evo

Best Skullcandy headphones for battery life

Listening time per charge: 40 hours
Listening time with case: N/A
Reasons to buy
+Personalised sound+Comfortable +Tile technology built-in
Reasons to avoid
-Overpowering bass -Finnicky buttons

You won’t have to remember to charge your headphones all the time if you go for the Skullcandy Crusher Evo headphones. They boast a massive 40 hours of battery life!

If you do get caught short then luckily they feature rapid charging which will give you 4 hours of music from a quick 10-minute charge. 

These chunky over-ear headphones focus a lot on the bass output, you’re guaranteed a party with these on. If it’s too overbearing then the dedicated bass slider on the outside of the ear cup lets you swiftly adjust it. 

There are other ways to personalise the sound as well. From the Skullcandy app, you can create your own sound profiles. Using a quick test, the app will even create a profile based on your individual hearing, tailoring the sound to the left and right ear separately. 

Take a look at the Skullcandy Crusher Evo review to read more about them. 

Skullcandy Grind Fuel in their charging case

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Best Skullcandy headphones for smart features

Listening time per charge: 9 hours
Listening time with case: 40 hours
Reasons to buy
+Personalised sound+IP55 sweat-and water-resistant body+Wireless charging
Reasons to avoid
-Skullcandy App has to run in the background for the voice control to work

If you want to get the absolute most for your money, then the Skullcandy Grind Fuel true wireless earbuds have loads of handy smart features, as well as a whopping 40 hours of battery provided by the charging case.

So what can they do? Firstly, you don't need to touch anything to control them, not the buds or your phone. You can play or pause the music, adjust the volume, skip tracks, launch Spotify and answer calls all with a simple voice command. That's not all though, Skull-iQ also lets you share audio with a friend, activate your phone's voice assistant, customise your earbud controls and even trigger your phone camera to take a selfie. 

What else do they have to offer? They have decent sound that can be personalised to match your ears and find My Buds with Tile which will make them a lot harder to lose. Here's our full Skullcandy Grind Fuel review.

 How to choose the best Skullcandy headphones for you 

You’ll first need to decide which type of headphones will be best for you: do you want wireless earbuds or would you be happier with over-ear headphones? 

Then you need to think about what you plan to use them for, would you need them to stay secure during workouts or will you need noise-cancelling so you can immerse yourself in music on your commute? 

Granted you might just be looking for an affordable price tag and the rest can come later. If that sounds like you then check out the best budget wireless earbuds for more options from other brands. 

Battery life is almost certainly something to think about, if you’re planning to buy true wireless earbuds you’ll have to consider how much you’ll need from the earbuds themselves and from the included charging case, or if you’re looking for over-ears you’ll want to be sure that you won’t get caught short. Battery life in Skullcandy headphones ranges from 12 hours right up to 40 hours. 

Another factor worth considering is the feature set, some people will only need the most basic features but you might also be keen to get more for your money. There are tonnes of different features across Skullcandy’s product ranges that are worth knowing about including manual EQ settings, voice control and some even have Tile technology built-in which will help you to keep track of them. 

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