YETI launches new cocktail shaker in time for the festive season

YETI’s new cocktail shaker is perfect for indoor and outdoor holiday entertaining

YETI Cocktail Shaker launch
(Image credit: YETI)

American outdoor cooling brand, YETI has just launched its new Cocktail Shaker just in time for festive entertaining. Compatible with multiple YETI products for versatile indoor and outdoor drink making, the YETI Cocktail Shaker lets you take the bar with you wherever you go… and I need it for the holiday season.

YETI is best known for its range of outdoor cooling, specifically its best cool boxes, ice chests and portable coolers. Its vacuum-insulated drinkware continues to grow with colourful and practical mugs, bottles, jugs and tumblers, but the YETI Barware collection has seen some exciting launches this year. For summer 2023, YETI launched the Beverage Bucket for outdoor socialising and happy hours, and now, the brand has released the new Cocktail Shaker.

The YETI Cocktail Shaker does exactly what it says on the tin… it makes cocktails! But the way YETI has designed it means it can also act as an everyday drinking cup for hot and cold drinks that you can take with you on your travels. The cocktail shaker looks like one of YETI’s popular tumblers but it comes with an easy press lid and 1 oz twist cap that turns it into a cocktail shaker.

With a capacity of 20oz or 591ml, the YETI Cocktail Shaker is made with stainless steel and features double-wall insulation to keep your drinks at the perfect temperature for hours on end. Durable and portable, the YETI Cocktail Shaker is leak resistant, so you can twist on the lid and cap and instantly make cocktails while on the go.

While you can buy the YETI Cocktail Shaker as it is, you can buy the Cocktail Shaker Lid separately to turn your existing YETI products into a cocktail maker. The YETI Cocktail Shaker is compatible with 10, 16, 20, 24 and 25 oz Rambler tumblers, the Rambler Lowball, the Rambler Straw Mug and the Rambler Stackable Mugs and Pints. At launch, the YETI Cocktail Shaker is available for £60 in blue and white colourways.

YETI Cocktail Shaker and YETI Rambler Wine Tumbler

YETI Cocktail Shaker and YETI Rambler Wine Tumbler

(Image credit: YETI)

The YETI Cocktail Shaker is the perfect way to celebrate the upcoming holidays, particularly for those who like to spend time outdoors. Another notable addition to YETI Barware, aside from the YETI Cocktail Shaker, is the YETI Rambler Wine Tumbler.

The YETI Rambler Wine Tumbler is “YETI’s answer to the wine glass” and comes in a 10 oz size in multiple colours. Designed for the outdoors, the YETI Rambler Wine Tumbler comes with a MagSlider Lid that – alongside the double-wall insulation – adds another barrier to your wine to keep it at the right temperature. With Christmas coming up, you better believe I’m putting mulled wine in the YETI Rambler Wine Tumbler while I’m going around the cold Christmas markets!

Both the YETI Cocktail and YETI Rambler Wine Tumbler are sure to make your festive gatherings more exciting this year, and they’ll make the best Christmas gifts for friends and family. Both are available to buy on the YETI website

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