This YETI Beverage Bucket is a must-have for happy hours this summer

Keep drinks cool this summer with the new YETI Rambler 7.6L Beverage Bucket

YETI Rambler 7.6L Beverage Bucket announcement
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With long hot days and happy hours in mind, YETI has just announced its new YETI Rambler 7.6L Beverage Bucket, designed to keep food and drinks ice cold throughout the summer. Perfect for outdoor socialising, this new cooling bucket from YETI is this summer’s must-have item for camping trips, picnics and days in the garden.

US-based company YETI specialises in outdoor cooling products, including portable coolers, ice chests, and vacuum-insulated drinkware and is most famous for being the best cool box manufacturer. The best YETI coolers are a necessity for outdoor adventures and al fresco dining, and the new Rambler 7.6L Beverage Bucket is sure to be a hit at many barbecues and garden parties this summer.

Part of the popular Rambler family, the YETI Rambler 7.6L Beverage Bucket has a 7.6-litre capacity, making storing and carrying cold drinks extremely easy and giving a large space for several beverages at a time. It’s big enough and strong enough to hold a six-pack of beer, multiple cocktail cans or three full bottles of wine, and it can be filled up with ice to keep everything at a satisfying cool temperature.

The YETI Rambler 7.6L Beverage Bucket is made of stainless steel, which features double-wall vacuum insulation that prevents ice from melting quickly and keeps drinks or food cooler for a longer period of time. The transparent lid, which is branded with the iconic YETI logo and hexagon shapes, seals everything tightly and makes transporting food and drink much simpler.

Finished off with the rotating handle, the YETI Rambler 7.6L Beverage Bucket is easy to transport and makes carrying drinks to and from venues much easier. The handle is described as ‘heavy-haulin’, which provides a tough, sturdy grip which is more comfortable to carry, even when it’s filled up with ice and drinks.

YETI Rambler 7.6L Beverage Bucket in three colours

(Image credit: Yeti)

As it’s a new YETI cooling product, the YETI Rambler 7.6L Beverage Bucket is only available in the 7.6-litre size which measures 29.3 cm x 22.3 cm. This compact sizing fits a surprising amount of food and drink inside it and it can sit conveniently on top of tables without taking up too much space.

The YETI Rambler 7.6L Beverage Bucket is available in white, navy and stainless steel colourways which are minimalist, sleek and show off the YETI logo. While it’s not currently available to buy just yet (we anticipate it becoming available nearer to summertime), the YETI Rambler 7.6L Beverage Bucket will be £150 once it’s officially released.

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