Xiaomi Mi Mix Pro shows off Galaxy S20 Ultra-beating camera and dual screen

This Xiaomi Mi Mix Pro concept video gives us a peek at all of the details listed in the smartphone's patent

Xiaomi Mi MIX Alpha Pro concept
(Image credit: Concept Creator/ YouTube)

Xiaomi likes to have fun with its smartphones, experimenting with innovative ideas that don't necessarily make it into consumer hands but demonstrate what the Chinese company is capable of. The most notable example of this was the Mi Mix Alpha with its wraparound screen and first ever 108MP phone camera - and it was 5G to boot.  

The Mi Mix Alpha was set to launch in China last December with an eye-watering price of £2,300, which makes the Galaxy Z Flip's £1,299 and Galaxy Fold's £1,900 RRP look almost reasonably by comparison. The concept smartphone was delayed, and still doesn't have a confirmed launch date, but now Xiaomi is working on its next device, likely set for a 2020 release, and you can take a look at what that might look like in the concept video below.

Cobbled together by Dutch 3D designer Jermaine Smit in conjunction with LetsGoDigital, the video on his Concept Creator YouTube channel is based on a Xiaomi patent for a smartphone with a dual display and 108 megapixel AI Super Zoom camera that will give the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra a run for its money.

This 'AI super camera' is the only one on the device, meaning significantly more screen real estate is available. With the absence of a dedicated front-facing camera, it's possible that the display beneath the camera housing will act as a viewfinder for selfies, as speculated by the site. 

We can expect a sizeable battery with fast charging technology, which will be a must for this 5G phone. Xiaomi's 100W fast charging tech was debuted in March 2019 and is capable of fully charging a 4,000mAh battery in just 17 minutes. Competitor Oppo has just announced its own 125W Flash Charge technology that can fully charge a 4,000 mAh battery in just 20 minutes. Neither company has a phone on the market that utilises their charging tech yet, so the race is on to be the first. 

It's possible that the new device will be able to cut costs by using a dual-screen rather than a wraparound one, so it may not exceed the £2,000 mark, but if it's a 5G smartphone with fast charging tech and an 'AI Super Camera', we don't expect it'll be that affordable either. 

Xiaomi has yet to officially announce anything, but this could very possibly be a patent for the Mi Mix 4 - a follow-up to last year's flaghip, the Mi Mix 3 which had a stylish design with a pop-up selfie camera that wasn't the greatest quality, but offered enough value elsewhere to earn a solid four out of five stars. 

Whichever model this is, it certainly looks intriguing, and we can't wait for official word on what Xiaomi will be bringing to the market next! 

Source: LetsGoDigital

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