Xbox Series X gets next-gen Halo after all – but not the one fans want

Microsoft has good news for Halo players although it's not quite what they were expecting

Xbox Series X
(Image credit: Microsoft)

While we’re only a few weeks away from the PS5 and the Xbox Series X launch, fans of Microsoft's console have had to make peace with the fact that one of the hardware's biggest titles missing-in-action.

News of the Halo Infinite delay broke a few months ago, with the game being pushed back to 2021, but things started to look even more dire with the possibility that it could slip to 2022.

But it's not all bad news for Halo fans, as Microsoft has decided to show off what it'll  be doing with the Master Chief Collection on its next-gen consoles.  

The official Xbox Twitter account dropped the juicy details that should placate fans of the series; not only will the compilation be fully optimised for both the Xbox Series X and Series S, but players can enjoy a buttery smooth 120fps in both the campaign and multiplayer.

On top of that, we're in for improvements in split-screen, as well as an overall bump for the collection of up to 4K on the Xbox Series X. We won't see that resolution on the Xbox Series S, which isn’t that surprising given the difference in power between the two consoles. 

The free upgrade will be available for owners of the Halo: The Master Chief Collection from November 17, one week after the console's global launch on November 10. 

While it's not the same as having a brand new Halo title to play at launch, it goes some way to offering some 120fps, 4K Halo goodness to fans in the console's launch window. 

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