PS5 controllers appear on store shelves – but you can't buy them

Retailers are receiving PS5 accessories and some have started selling them already!

PS5 PlayStation 5
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The PS5 is launching in a few weeks and despite a few rounds of pre-orders, the console sold out almost immediately, leaving a huge portion of fans dependant on showing up to stores on launch day in the hopes of snagging the next-gen console in person.

Sony has assured fans that more consoles will be available at launch, which will no doubt irk customers who have pre-ordered the PS5 (and Xbox Series X) and received emails telling them their order is going to be delayed

While the systems themselves are suffering shortages, the accessories are plentiful, and some are even on sale already! 

The PS5 DualSense has been spotted on Walmart shelves, with a photo of the console's accessory display at the store being posted to Twitter.

Other users in the thread have commented that they haven't managed to find the DualSense for sale, or on display, at their local stores – including those who are saying they're Walmart employees. It's likely then that this is restricted to a single location and is a mistake that's almost certainly been rectified by now. 

While the PS5 isn't launching until November 12 in the US, its peripherals look set to hit stores as early as October 30, which is the date Best Buy has listed for the controller, HD camera, and media remote, and explains how Walmart already has the DualSense in stock.  

First box-shots of Pulse 3D and PS5 HD Camera in the wild from r/PS5

Photos of PS5 accessories are also hitting Reddit (via GamesRadar+) including the Pulse 3D headset and HD camera. 

A Walmart employee also posted a photo of a DualSense box that they received in-store, saying they think the peripherals will go on sale before too long as other retailers are already listing them online. 

If you've managed to nab a console already, you can snap up the accessories and have them in your hands a few weeks early. You won't have anything to use them with, but it'll be your first taste of next-gen gaming at least. 

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