WiZ's Smart Outdoor String Lights will transform your outdoor space (and they're on sale!)

Grab some now before it's too late...

Wiz outdoor string lights
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There's no denying it, July was an absolute shocker when it came to producing the gorgeous 'summer' weather. With so many of us spending time outdoors, it's no surprise that many garden projects have been put on hold with the hope that things will improve in August. It has been a slightly better month so far, so hopefully you'll find this product just as exciting as we do. 

WiZ, known for their incredible smart lighting and home security cameras have been making strides in the smart home industry recently. However, there is one product that has particularly been catching the eye of many, and that is WiZ's Smart Outdoor String Lights. We're big fans of anything to do with smart bulbs so we think this is the perfect excuse to get back on track with those gardening projects. Keep reading to find out more...

WiZ's Smart Outdoor String Lights are no exception to the smart lighting game. To access all smart features instantly, all you have to do is simply connect the lights to your existing Wi-Fi. You will then be able to control the lights when you're away from home as well as set schedules to turn them on and off automatically. Keep the controller within Wi-Fi range and all linked lights will be fully controllable even out of Wi-Fi range.

wiz smart outdoor lightd

(Image credit: WiZ / Signify)

Choose from millions of light colours, from energising cool white to soft warm white, and create the best ambience for your outdoor activities. You can also apply a preset dynamic light mode such Ocean, Forest or Party to create an amazing atmosphere and lift the mood. Thinking of hosting a Barbie movie night? These would be perfect! 

Especially designed for you to enjoy the outdoors, they just need to be plugged in to use. With no complicated wiring, the lights use low voltage technology to prevent electric shocks. They can also be used with the WiZ app which allows you to keep a record of the energy consumption of your lights. View your weekly or daily report and plan your lighting wisely for an optimised energy comsumption at home.

The lights are currently available on Amazon for £92.99, reduced from £109.99: 

Grab yours before it's too late!

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