WiZ shows us how to brighten our lives with new smart lighting

The right mood is now only one smart light away

WiZ Full colour filament spiral Pink
(Image credit: WiZ / Signify)

It’s pretty special that the right lighting in our homes can now be achieved by the touch of a button. The days of choosing which concoction of lamps create the best atmosphere are gone, and the excitement of smart ambient lighting is here. WiZ made some serious waves not long ago with its Spacesense lighting and recent launch of smart home security cameras, and let me tell you, the smart lighting brand back and better than ever. 

It has been announced by Signify today that WiZ has launched a new range of smart lighting products designed to enhance users’ daily convenience. With WiZ’s ecosystem and newest product range - consisting of luminaires and bulbs - it’s easier than ever to beautify your home and set the desired mood anywhere, anytime. The new products will be available from late June for customers in the UK and Ireland.

Caroline Yap, Head of Product Management Hardware WiZ, comments: “Our latest range of WiZ innovations expands our consumers’ possibilities when it comes to creating the perfect light atmosphere throughout their entire home, together with the WiZ user-friendly and feature-rich app, there is no limit to creativity with the WiZ ecosystem.”

WiZ is proud to expand its portfolio with new types of smart lights offering any vivid colours to the perfect shades of white light, enabling you to match your home light atmosphere to any given moment. 

Neon Flex Strip

WiZ Neon flex strip blue

(Image credit: WiZ / Signify)

The Neon flex strip enables your creative self to design some beautiful light décor for your home, in the shape and on the wall of your choice. Its direct visible strip light is 3 metres long, easy to bend and install with mounting accessories, making it suitable to create beautiful shapes to enhance your interior design. Set the mood with uniform light for movie nights with your family or dynamic light modes delivered by the flex strip’s gradient effects. This product will be your perfect companion for decorating your house and setting the right tone for your parties.

Available from late June 2023 for £89.99 (€99.99)

Full Colour Filament Spiral 

WiZ Full colour filament spiral yellow

(Image credit: WiZ / Signify)

The Full colour filament spiral is ideal if you are after some beautiful lights for both festival or family moments as it offers full colour and white colour. Its vintage transparent glass style paired with its curved filament design calls for the perfect ambiance setting, whilst looking great even when turned off. This new range takes the colour filament to the next level by making it a much more versatile light and provides you with the possibility to fully benefit from the unique light modes that the WiZ platform offers.

Available from late June 2023 for £27.99 (€29.99)

SuperSlim Colour 

WiZ SuperSlim colour purple

(Image credit: WiZ / Signify)

WiZ also helps you set the right ambiance all the way up to your ceiling. Whether you’re partying or spending some down time with your significant others, the SuperSlim colour ceiling luminaire will help you achieve the right ambiance with dynamic full-colour light and a minimal sleek design that fits into any home. It is available in black and white in two sizes.

Available from late June 2023: 

22W - £119.99 (€129.99)

32W - £154.99 (€169.99)

Panel Ceiling 

If you are looking for a smart way to illuminate space, the Panel Ceiling is made for you with its slim and sleek design that fits any interior style. Depending on your needs, the WiZ Panels are available in three different sizes and shapes, in black and white. Set the right ambiance to transition from work to rest with tunable cool to warm white light and adjustable brightness. On top of being easy to install, this new LED panel ensures uniform light distribution for the comfort of your eyes. 

Available on Amazon now!


12W - £64.99 (€69.99) 

36W - £99.99 (€109.99)


36W - £119.99 (€129.99)

WiZ’s new launch brings a new excitement to the smart home lighting game. Set those alarms for the end of this month and get ready to upgrade the ambience of your home. 

Lizzie Wilmot
Staff Writer, Home

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