WiZ expands LED light strip portfolio with new lengths and effects

Some of the strips are available to buy from tomorrow

WiZ LED light strips
(Image credit: WiZ / Signify)

WiZ has launched a number of new LED strips, with three models to choose from. The RGB LED strip, RGBIC LED strip and LED Neon Flex RGBIC strip are all available in multiple lengths. The RGBIC LED strips can also display multiple colours at one time.

Some lengths are available to buy from 18th June 2024, with the others launching in September 2024. Pricing differs between each model and length, but keep reading to find out exactly. 

Earlier today, WiZ announced the expansion of its LED strip lineup, allowing users to fill their space with creative and ambient lighting. There are three models to choose from, the RGB LED strip, RGBIC LED strip and LED Neon Flex RGBIC strip, and each is available in multiple lengths. The RGBIC LED strips can also display multiple colours at one time. 

WiZ is under the same company as Philips Hue, allowing its products and software to be of the same quality despite a cheaper price point. If you check out the 5 things you should known before buying WiZ smart lighting, you'll know that the brand's lights are Matter-compatible and work via a Wi-Fi connection, taking away the need for an additional hub or bridge. 

Most lengths will be available to buy from Tuesday 18th June from the WiZ website, but there are some due to be released in September 2024.  

WiZ LED light strips

GBIC LED Neon Flex RGBIC strip

(Image credit: WiZ / Signify)

The new RGB and RGBIC LED strips are available in lengths from four to 30 meters, and can be cut for different installation requirements. WiZ is already known for its huge array of colours and light modes, but the new RGBIC LED strips can now display multiple colours at one time and run dynamic effects. 

The LED Neon Flex RGBIC strips are available in five and 10 meters and are designed to mimic the look of traditional neon lighting, but are more energy-efficient and flexible. The Neon Flex strip’s gradient colour and dynamic effect enables the users creative self to design some beautiful light décor for their home, and any shape can be created on the wall of choice.

Both models can be controlled via the WiZ app or through the best smart speakers, but also with WiZ accessories such as the Smart Button ot the new Smart Dial Switch. Users can schedule the LED strips to turn on and off at specific times, or activate the WiZ's SpaceSense feature that enables the lights to be triggered by movement. As mentioned, all of WiZ's LED strips are Matter-compatible, and can be controlled via any preferred smart home ecosystem. 

Some products will be available to buy from 18th June and pricing information can be found below:

RGB Smart LED strip

15m – £39.99

30m – £49.99

RGBIC Smart LED strip

5m – £29.99

10m – £47.99

20m – £72.99

The following strips will be available from September 2024:

RGB Smart LED strip

4m – £24.99

5m – £27.99

10m – £29.99

RGBIC LED Neon Flex RGBIC strip

5m – £84.99

10m – £159.99

If you're after more, take a look at our comparison guide between Philips Hue and WiZ smart lighting. 

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