5 things I wish I'd known before buying WiZ smart lighting

Interested in WiZ smart lighting? Make sure you know these things before you buy!

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When it comes to smart lighting, there are a number of different brands to choose from. Ranging from smart bulbs to smart outdoor lighting, the amount of products out there are also endless. This culmination can make it difficult knowing what to buy, let alone where from. However, there's one smart lighting brand that just isn't being considered enough.

WiZ was founded in 2017, later joining Signify in 2019. Known for manufacturing smart lighting solutions and smart services, it offers people connected lighting within  the comfort of their own home. These days, WiZ has continued to expand its smart lighting range, as well as branching into smart security. The products are high-quality, easy to use and look incredible, and that's why I'd like to share everything you need to know before you purchase your own. 

We've already explored the 5 things you should now before buying Philips Hue smart lighting, and now we're back to discuss WiZ. Remember to check out our comparison between Philips Hue and WiZ if you're interested!

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1. WiZ lighting is extremely easy to use

Unlike a lot of other smart home lighting brands, WiZ products are designed to be user friendly and fun. As simplicity is built into its products, you won't spend hours inside a manual or stuck watching tutorials. All you need is a light, the WiZ app and Wi-Fi in your home. 

WiZ lights work by connecting directly to your Wi-Fi, allowing users to immediately access all the smart features without needing an additional hub or bridge. It is also easy to access the WiZ lights through the range's accessories, including a remote control and smart button. With these, you won't need to always take out your phone to control the smart lights. Instead, you can just grab the WiZ remote control whenever you want to change the ambience. It’s a more intuitive way of control for people moving from non-smart to smart lighting, and it's something you won't be able to find in any other Wi-Fi based smart lighting system.

2. WiZ lighting is Matter compatible

If you didn't know, WiZ actually beat Philips Hue in becoming Matter compatible!  This means all WiZ lighting works with all the major smart home platform, including Apple HomeKit, Google Home and Amazon Alexa.

All WiZ lights and smart plugs work with Amazon Alexa and Google Home and Samsung SmartThings. This means WiZ would fit perfectly into your smart home setup whichever platform you’re having or planning to have.

Have a look at the devices on Matter's compatibility list to check your smart home set up would work with WiZ. 

3. WiZ comes with Spacesense technology

WiZ uses SpaceSense, a never-seen-before Wi-Fi sensing technology innovation in the consumer lighting industry, developed by WiZ itself. It takes home automation to a new level by using Wi-Fi signals that are already present in the room to detect motion, without the need of dedicated sensors and batteries. 

Wi-Fi signals are slightly disturbed when people move around in a room, like a ripple in a swimming pool. By measuring the small deviations in signal strength caused by those disturbances, the WiZ lights can determine if there is an object moving in the room. The detection is omnidirectional and doesn't require line of sight during installation, like in the case for a traditional motion sensor based on passive InfraRed (PIR) technology. 

SpaceSense will automagically illuminate your rooms, turning the light on when you enter and off when no motion is detected anymore. The sensitivity of the system can be adjusted, therefore preventing pets from turning the lights on and off while running in and out of the room. You just have to simply install at least two lights per room and connect them with the WiZ app. Once SpaceSense is set up, you can enjoy the comfort of smart lighting without any hassle. 

4. WiZ offers dynamic scenes and can sync up with circadian rhythms

With WiZ, users can select the scenes of their choice, which can be pre-set on the app and can defined according to the room. You can choose a relax mode for the bedroom or set certain scenes for different times of the day. You can also pre-set scenes and routines, simplifying daily living and helping you find the perfect light setting for any moment of the day.

Whats more, WiZ lights can also sync up with users Circadian rhythms. Circadian rhythm settings automatically choose the right type of light depending on the time of day. Cool, energetic light with bright intensity can be selected for a productive morning, gradually shifting to a soft warm dimmed light for a relaxing evening. It is like following the sun cycle, but indoors.

5. WiZ lighting is affordable 

One of the best things about WiZ lighting is that it's actually extremely affordable. If we think about smart bulbs and compare it with Philips Hue, the Philips Hue models range from £15 to £50 for one singular bulb, whereas the WiZ bulbs are between £6 and £15. Another example includes the Philips Hue lightstrips which start from £130, compared to the WiZ lightstrips, starting at £30. It's a no brainer, really!

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