Why the rumoured Samsung Galaxy S24 sounds like the phone for me

Bigger isn't always better

Samsung Galaxy S23 series
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When it comes to phone releases, we're now used to seeing a trio of devices launched with each generation. Usually, these consist of a standard model, a slightly bigger version and then the true flagship, the premium, envelope-pushing device. Well with Samsung this month set to announce the Galaxy S24 range, I'm actually most looking forward to the cheapest model. 

Why's that? Well from the numerous rumours and 'leaks' we've seen in the build-up to the Galaxy Unpacked event on the 17th, it sounds like quite the phone at a price that doesn't break the bank. The entry-level S23 was £849/$799 on launch, and hopefully, Samsung will repeat or at least come close to that pricing model. 

In terms of the device itself, the S24 sounds like a very capable performer. We've heard plenty of talk that all three models will feature the same display, with a peak brightness of a massive 2500 nits. That's almost as bright as some of the lush colour options we're expecting to see, with a yellow hue at the top of my list. 

Samsung Galaxy S24 leaked render

(Image credit: Onleaks)

While we're unlikely to see any significant camera changes to the baby S24, that's not necessarily a bad thing. Samsung is rumoured to be going big on AI this year so we expect to see a host of smart AI camera features to help finesse the perfect shot, even with the same hardware.

This could be a phone to hang on to for a while as well, there have been rumours that Samsung will be emulating Google and offering 7 years of updates on all of the S24 phones. 

Don't get me wrong, the S24 Plus sounds like a solid phone too, it's just way too big for my hands and pockets. The flagship S24 Ultra will probably be one of the best Android Phones, but the price (thought to be slightly more than last year) is too much for my blood. 

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