Samsung Galaxy S24 price leak sounds like good news

Prices should stay the same... for most

An image of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra
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Ask anyone what the worst thing about 2023 was and they'll probably say something about prices going up. In the tech world and beyond, consumers had to fork out more than they would have liked. 

That has also been the case in the smartphone world, with the Google Pixel 8 Pro jumping by £150/$100 for instance. Luckily for fans of the best Android phones, it looks like Samsung might be (mostly) avoiding the same measure. 

According to one user on X the French prices for the S24 range have leaked, and for those looking to pick up a S24 or S24 Plus, you can breathe a sigh of relief. The S24 will supposedly start at €899 and the S24 Plus €1169, which is the same as their S23 counterparts. 

While sales taxes and the like mean we don't expect those prices to transfer directly, the fact that they are the same is a good sign (if the leaks are true of course). It would put the base S24 at £849/$799 and the Plus at £1049/$999. With the rumoured upgrades (including the same display across all three phones), and supposedly increased RAM of the Plus model this year, that would represent solid value. 

Samsung Galaxy S24 leaked render

(Image credit: Onleaks)

As you might have guessed by my reluctance to talk about it, the flagship S24 Ultra looks like it will have a price rise. The supposed French price is €1459, which is a €60 increase on the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. Could that translate to a similar rise worldwide? We won't have to wait long with the Galaxy Unpacked event scheduled for January 17th. 

For the budget-conscious, Samsung seems to be way ahead of us with a new handset in its A series also incoming. The Samsung Galaxy A55 is a successor to the A54, a phone that launched at £499. Hopefully, that affordable focus returns this year. 

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