There's another new Samsung Galaxy phone coming that should be kinder on your pocket

Samsung's affordable A-series punches way above its expected price tag and it looks pretty premium too

Leaked renders of Samsung Galaxy A55
(Image credit: Android Headlines)

If the Samsung Galaxy S24 is going to be a little beyond your budget, Samsung is about to release a much more affordable alternative – and as you can see from the leaked renders above, it looks pretty premium for an affordable smartphone. The phone is the Samsung Galaxy A55, and while full specifications haven't been confirmed yet the rumour mill is predicting a pretty tasty set of specs.

The A55 is the replacement for – you've guessed it – the Samsung Galaxy A54, which has an RRP of £499. That phone is currently £100 off on, presumably to make way for the new one. As we said at the time of its launch, "Samsung's A-range has always been about affordability rather than affluence" and while the price had gone up a bit, as most phones have in the last year or so, it was an impressive phone for the money.

So what can we expect from this year's affordable Galaxy A series?

Samsung Galaxy A55: key specifications

The renders obtained by  Android Headlines show the new design – Samsung calls it Key Island – and the new colours: Awesome Iceblue, Awesome Lilac and Awesome Navy. Don't let the terrible names put you off, though: the colours are much more subtle than their overly caffeinated names suggest. 

Inside, the A55 is expected to have a Samsung Exynos 1480 chipset, which is a 4nm chipset featuring Samsung's own Xclipse 530 GPU. Reports say storage will be up to 256GB and there will be up to 8GB of RAM. It'll run Android 14 with the usual One UI improvements. 

Other specifications haven't leaked just yet but rumours suggest a 50MP main camera teamed up with telephoto and ultrawide cameras, a 32MP front-facing selfie shooter and 25W fast charging.

We're not expecting the Galaxy A55 to launch this month – January is all about the Samsung Galaxy S24 launch. The A Series phones usually come out a couple of months after the flagships, so we'd expect the Galaxy A55 launch date to be in late February or March 2024. And there are no details of the price tag just yet either, although given the current model's £499 RRP we'd expect something similar for its successor.

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