What is Google Pixel Pass, and how does it compare to Apple One?

Pixel Pass could bundle all of Google’s subscription services with a phone and network contract.

Pixel 6 images
(Image credit: Pixel)

The Pixel 6 has now been unveiled, and the pricing is rather high. But for those worrying about the SIM-free cost, the recently leaked Pixel Pass could be the answer. Here we explain what Pixel Pass is and what it delivers.

What is Pixel Pass? 

According to an image shared by leaker M. Brandon Lee, it appears to be Google’s answer to Apple One. Only while Apple One simply bundles the company’s subscription services, the Pixel Pass seems to include a new Pixel handset, the phone network and a whole load of subscription services in the price.

What is included in Pixel Pass? 

According to the leaked image, embedded below, Pixel Pass will include a “Pixel phone with the promise of regular upgrades” along with an extended warranty and access to three Google-owned subscription services: YouTube Premium, the Play Pass and Google One. That’s ad-free video, on-tap premium Android games and cloud storage.  

Pixel Pass leak

(Image credit: M. Brandon Lee / Twitter)

It also includes coverage from Google Fi, which is the company’s American network carrier. 

Will Pixel Pass be available to me? 

Global availability is currently unknown, but the leaked material is hugely US centric. And notably, Google Fi doesn’t exist outside the United States.

That means that Pixel Pass might be US-only. Alternatively, a version without network coverage could possibly launch elsewhere. We’ll have to see. 

How much will Pixel Pass cost?

No idea of pricing was given in the leak. but Pixel Pass likely won’t come cheap. 

Between them, YouTube Premium, Play Pass and Google One cost at least £18.57 per month. Even though some kind of reduction will likely be included, that’s before you take into account the price of the phone itself, which Google has already said won’t be cheap

So while the opportunity to pay in installments may be tempting, the overall price could still be daunting. Though the documentation does suggest users will be able to trade in their existing phone, which might soften the blow a little.

How does Pixel Pass compare to Apple One? 

Apple One, for comparison, bundles Apple Music, Apple TV Plus, Apple Arcade and a 50GB iCloud Plus account for £14.95 a month, with options to include Apple News Plus and Apple Fitness Plus for up to six accounts for £29.95. 

There is, of course, no iPhone included which makes it a comparison, but not an entirely fair one.