iPhone 12 to launch with "Apple One" – the digital service of our dreams

Apple is preparing a new service that will launch with the iPhone 12 in October

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Apple has had a few hurdles to bypass when it comes to the launch of the upcoming iPhone 12, with supply and production issues pushing the release back from it usual September window to October. In fact, we could be looking at November before all four models make their debut. 

Because of the delayed launch, the reveal event is reportedly being postponed until October as well, but one of the surprises has leaked already, and Apple fans are going to like it! 

Bloomberg reports that Apple is slashing the price of its various digital subscription services by repackaging them as tiered bundles under the name Apple One. The hope is that more customers will sign up for the service at the lower price, and be able to enjoy a wider range of the services the company offers. 

While the tiered-plans and their prices have yet to be nailed down, customers will be able to save anywhere from $2 "to upwards of $5" per month depending on the bundle.

The basic bundle is likely to include Apple Music and Apple TV+, adding Apple Arcade for the next tier up, then Apple News+, and a package that throws in all of these plus additional iCloud storage. 

For those who really want to make the most of all of Apple's services, the premium tier will include Apple's new fitness service, offering virtual classes which can be viewed on an app via  iPhone, iPad and Apple TV.

Whatever pricing and tier structure Apple lands on, it's guaranteed to be cheaper than subscribing to the services individually. The bundles sound like they'll offer a lot of content, and to that end, they've been geared towards families, and will work with Apple’s Family Sharing system - which allows up to six people to access the subscription.

If you're looking to buy into the Apple ecosystem with the upcoming iPhone 12 - or the rumoured cheaper model - Apple One is worth looking into. We'll almost certainly hear more details at the iPhone 12 launch event in October, so sit tight until then.   

Source: Bloomberg

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