Xbox Series X price reveal confirmed - but it's not when you think

Microsoft's Xbox Series X plans have been pushed back - does the Halo Infinite delay have anything to do with it?

Xbox Series X
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Microsoft hasn't been shy about the upcoming Xbox Series X, unveiling the console at an event last year and dropping the specs for the hardware back in March. Rival Sony has played it very differently, and it's only now that we've had a good look at both the PS5 and its peripherals

However, both companies have yet to divulge the price or release date for their respective hardware, and unlike Sony, Microsoft hasn't officially announced the existence of the digital only counterpart to its flagship console - although recent leaks have all but confirmed that the Xbox Series S is real

Industry insiders have pegged this month as the one that will see Microsoft and Sony spill the beans on prices and launch dates, but there's a spanner in the works - and everything we want to know about the new Xbox won't be coming this month after all. 

This is according to yet another industry insider, shinobi602, on ResetEra. In a conversation about the Halo Infinite delay, which has left the Xbox Series X without a launch title (but thousands of games spanning four generations), they said:

"I think it's a blow to launch, no doubt. Infinite was a huge pillar behind the Series X, the big game Microsoft would center launch around. It's not the *only* selling point, but a big one....

"At the same time, expect news about other Xbox stuff that's been going around recently to come a bit later too."

In a follow-up post, answering the question as to whether this means that the news expected in August will be delayed, shinobi602 elaborated:

"Stuff that was planned for this month pushed to next month."

Microsoft was expected to unveil the Xbox Series S as well as the price for its consoles, although there have been murmurings that it would hold off until Sony had tipped its hand first. 

Now it seems like the Halo Infinite delay may have disrupted the event, meaning that Microsoft has to rework what it had planned, and is pushing it back to September; so it looks like Sony will go first with the price reveal after all  - if everything we've heard so far is true.    

We'll have to wait and see if Microsoft confirms this one way or the other, but if the price hasn't been announced this month, and the console is launching in November, that doesn't leave much wriggle room to postpone it any further. 

Source: ResetEra

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