Use this hack to save extra money on Amazon Black Friday deals

Amazon is offering extra Black Friday savings when you top up a gift card

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With the best Black Friday deals coming up next week, now is a good time to start researching what you want to buy and taking advantage of early discounts. For Black Friday, you’re guaranteed to find low prices from the top retailers, but if you’re planning to shop at Amazon, you can use this money-saving hack for extra savings on your orders.

Amazon’s Black Friday Week is starting on 17th November and running until the 27th, giving shoppers a full 10 days to shop for Black Friday deals. The type of discounts expected from the best Amazon Black Friday deals include Echo devices, air fryers, laptops, smart cameras and much more.

Amazon is known for giving its customers extra ways to save money, particularly its Prime members. But this hack is available to everyone… as long as you have a gift card, that is.

Amazon is offering an extra £5 to customers who top up a gift card. Amazon Top Up (or Amazon Reload if you’re in the US) lets you add funds to your gift card balance to help speed up the checkout process, save up for special purchases and keep track of your spending.

How this hack works is you have to top up your gift card balance with £60 or more in a single order. When you do this, Amazon will give you an additional £5 to your gift card which can be used on your next Amazon purchase. So, if you top up your gift card by £60, you’ll actually have £65 to spend on Black Friday.

To qualify for this offer, you need to have made a purchase on Amazon in the last 12 months and must not have topped up your gift card in the last 36 months. This offer is also limited to new Top Up customers and has a limit of one reward per person. Other terms and conditions apply, and you must top up your gift card by 28th November to take part.

Amazon Top Up / Amazon Reload

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For US shoppers, Amazon Reload is the same as Amazon Top Up but as of writing, there’s no money offer when you ‘reload’ your gift card. This could change in the lead-up to Black Friday but this offer seems to be only available in the UK.

Black Friday is the best time of year for deals, and it’s always helpful to have extra money off, particularly in the run-up to Christmas. This money-saving hack is definitely worth taking advantage of if you’re planning to shop for Black Friday deals at Amazon, and here’s why.

Firstly, who doesn’t love having extra money to spend?! Having an extra £5 on your gift card means you can take advantage of more purchases, and might even help you stretch to getting that special product you’ve had your eye on. While Black Friday is all about savings, it’s important to not go too overboard, so using a gift card is a great way to budget yourself during the Black Friday sales. Lastly, having a gift card on your account speeds up the checkout process, which is very much needed during the Black Friday madness!

Want extra money off this Black Friday? Then make sure to check out Amazon Top Up to get £5 added to your gift card balance when you top it up by £60 or more.

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