Upgrade your Nintendo Switch Lite storage with this HUGE microSD price slash

Amazon's deal on a 128GB microSD card can't be missed

SanDisk Ultra deal
(Image credit: Sandisk)

The Nintendo Switch Lite launched last month, and while we love the price and portability - especially compared to the OG Switch - both consoles are plagued with a criminally small 32GB of internal storage. Happily, you can bump up the storage space by investing in a microSD card, which can get pretty expensive the bigger you go, but this deal from Amazon gives you a hefty 128GB for just £14.49. 

SanDisk Ultra 128GB microSD card | was £34.48 | now £14.49 at Amazon
Amazon is currently offering a couple of great offers on SanDisk Ultra microSD cards, but the standout is the 128GB for £14.49. If you've been looking to upgrade your Nintendo Switch storage, or have just picked up the new Nintendo Switch Lite, this deal is a must.View Deal

Given that the 128GB comes in at £14.49 and the 64GB is priced at just £8.49. both are a steal right now. If you can snap up the larger of the two, it'll see you through a decent library of games. The Nintendo Switch Lite is a dedicated handheld, and the less you have to carry around, the better. So ditch the game cartridges, grab this deal from Amazon, and go digital with your quintessential Switch titles.