Twinkly Plus smart lighting is the stuff of Christmas dreams

Twinkly launches new Plus collection of Christmas smart lights

Twinkly Plus Christmas lights on the outside of a house
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Italian smart lighting brand, Twinkly has just announced new products for the festive season, including the new Plus line and LED outdoor string lights. With both indoor and outdoor lighting installations in mind, the new Twinkly smart lights are designed to enhance indoor Christmas décor and create elaborate outdoor designs.

A relatively new name in the smart light world, Twinkly launched in 2016 and has quickly become a global decorative lighting brand. Twinkly offers a wide range of best smart bulbs to suit all styles, including string, curtain, cluster, dot and icicle lights. Earlier this year, Twinkly launched its Candies line, its new collection of affordable and playful lights in star, pearl, candle and heart shapes.

With the Christmas holidays coming up, Twinkly has now launched new festive themed lights. Part of the Christmas collection, Twinkly has unveiled its Plus line and C9 faceted LED string lights that add a touch of holiday charm in a fun and smart way to the inside and outside of your home.

The Twinkly Plus line is designed for prosumers who want to create large outdoor installations for Christmas. Twinkly Plus unlocks unlimited creativity and decorative ideas, with its professional-grade lighting effects. The bulbs have up to 1000 intelligent LEDs and over 16 million colours to choose from that can be easily personalised and mapped in the app to create fun animations.

The Twinkly Plus line features five of Twinkly’s most popular products, including the Icicle, String, Dots, Curtain and S14 lights. For better control and customisation, shoppers can also find the Twinkly Plus Controller which has a four-port design that can host four Twinkly Plus light strands at a time. It connects to your Wi-Fi or ethernet cable for better speed, versatility and control.

Designed for outside use, the Twinkly Plus lights are weatherproof, durable and will make the perfect addition to your outdoor Christmas designs this year. The lights can be bought separately or in a bundle, with prices starting at £99.99.

Someone using the Twinkly app to customise their Christmas smart lights

(Image credit: Twinkly)

Another new addition to the Christmas collection is the C9 faceted LED string lights which have a traditional pine cone shape. Perfect for outdoor décor, you can use the Twinkly app to customise the C9 bulbs with Christmas-themed colours. The understated design is also ideal for all-year-round use for bright and colourful illumination.

While smart lights are pretty common in most households, smart Christmas lighting seems to only just be getting popular. Many different brands have launched their own Christmas lights, including Twinkly Plus, the Philips Hue Festavia and the Nanoleaf Smart Holiday String Lights.

I think many people are put off buying Christmas smart lights as they think it takes the fun out of decorating. But actually, it’s the opposite. While you can buy pre-lit trees with lights built into the branches, Christmas smart lights just add more festive magic to your home and make decorating for the holidays much easier.

Having app control of your Christmas tree and outdoor decorations means your home feels holiday ready as soon as you walk in the door, plus you can play with more colours, brightness and shapes than traditional Christmas lights. The Twinkly Plus line and Christmas collection is available now on the Twinkly website or at select retailers like Amazon.

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