Top three Amazon Prime Day Nintendo Switch deals

Nintendo Switch is back in stock, so grab one while you can and save up to £40 on these bundles

Prime Day Nintendo Switch
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The Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite are back in stock on Amazon, but they're flying of the shelves thanks to the bargainous Prime Day bundles on offer.

The console has been pretty hard to get hold of over the past few months, whether you've been after the original Switch, or the handheld-only Switch Lite, so now that Amazon has had a restock and knocked up to £40 off the price, it's a free-for-all.

Even if you're not a huge fan of the available games, you don't want to miss your chance to nab the hardware, so check out the top Amazon Prime Day Nintendo Switch deals below: 

Nintendo Switch and Just Dance | Was: £309 | Now: £279
The classic Neon Nintendo Switch combines the best of both worlds, with both a handheld and home console experience. The detachable Joy-Cons offer different ways to play, and can be paired with other peripherals to enhance and expand on your experience. It's definitely worth snapping up the bundle for the console alone, and we're sure you'll have a blast with Just Dance. View Deal

Nintendo Switch Lite and Minecraft | Was: £218.99 | Now: £199
This is a great bundle for younger players or anyone who wants the portability of the Switch for gaming on the go, and isn't fussed about having the home console aspect of the original console. What's more, the handheld comes bundled with the ever-popular Minecraft, which is great for kids and grown-ups alike. The bundle is available with the Nintendo Switch Lite in Coral, Yellow, Turquoise, and Grey.View Deal

Nintendo Switch Lite and Rayman Legends | Was: £212.99 | Now: £199
This Switch Lite bundle couples Rayman Legends with the Nintendo Switch Lite in all four colourways. The game utilises the Switch's touchscreen capabilities bringing an extra dimension to the gameplay. View Deal

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