This Oral-B electric toothbrush is under £65 in the Prime Early Access sale

Better than half price deals on Oral-B electric toothbrushes in the Prime Early Access sale

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The Amazon Prime Early Access sale is drawing to a close, lasting until midnight tonight on 12th October. The second Prime Day of the year has been packed full of deals, with many popular products hitting record low prices, a whole month ahead of Black Friday.

The best deals you’ll find in any sales event – but especially during Prime Day and Black Friday – are on electric toothbrushes, like this saving on the Oral-B Smart 6. Right now at Amazon, the Oral-B Smart 6 is 70% off, slashing the price of this premium electric toothbrush to under £65.

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Originally priced at £219.99, the Oral-B Smart 6 is now just £64.99 in this better than half price deal. While this isn't technically the cheapest price the Oral-B Smart 6 has ever been, it hasn’t dropped lower than £64.99 since 2020, so it’s definitely worth taking advantage of if you’re been searching for a cheap electric toothbrush deal.

Oral-B is arguably the best electric toothbrush brand on the market right now. While the Oral-B Smart 6 isn’t the newest toothbrush from the company, it still offers superior cleaning that removes bacteria and 100% more plaque than a manual brush. It’s also got a sleek and simple design that gives you real time feedback on your style, speed and pressure, so you can get the most out of your brushing.

Electric toothbrushes fluctuate in price a lot. Having said that, an electric toothbrush discount that’s under £100 is pretty much considered a bargain, so this Oral-B Smart 6 is worth taking advantage of now rather than waiting until Black Friday.

To view the Oral-B Smart 6 deal, click the link above or head to Amazon to shop all electric toothbrush deals in the Prime Early Access sale, from Oral-B to Philips and beyond. There are loads of electric toothbrush deals to shop in this sale so we’ve also highlighted some additional offers from Oral-B below.

Oral-B Smart 6: £219.99, £64.99 at Amazon

Oral-B Smart 6: £219.99, £64.99 at Amazon
Save £155 on the Oral-B Smart 6 in the Prime Early Access sale. This intelligent electric toothbrush has 5 brushing modes for a customisable brush, including daily clean, pro clean, whitening, sensitive and gum care. This deal comes with the brush and handle, charger, 3 replacement brush heads and a travel case. Available in black or white.

Oral-B Genius: £279.99, £89.99 at Amazon

Oral-B Genius: £279.99, £89.99 at Amazon
This better than half price deal sees the Oral-B Genius drop to under £90. This electric toothbrush uses AI and position detection that coaches you through how to better clean your teeth. Available in rose gold, black or silver colours, the Oral-B Genius comes with the brush, 3 replacement brush heads, battery, charger, travel case and smartphone holder.

Oral-B iO9: £499.99, £250 at Amazon

Oral-B iO9: £499.99, £250 at Amazon
One of the latest additions to the Oral-B iO collection, the Oral-B iO9 is 50% off at Amazon. The iO9 is the ‘famous’ Oral-B toothbrush that gives you a smile when you’re finished cleaning, and it’s now £250 off! This special edition electric toothbrush set comes with an app connected handle, 7 cleaning modes and a charging travel case.

Oral-B Pro 3: £89.99, £45 at Amazon

Oral-B Pro 3: £89.99, £45 at Amazon
The cheapest Oral-B toothbrush from the Prime Day Early Access sale is the Oral-B Pro 3. This half price deal sees the Oral-B Pro 3 drop to just £45, an absolute bargain when it comes to electric toothbrushes. Available in multiple colours.

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