This is why you need to update to iOS 16.5

Apple drops the latest version of its iPhone OS

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 iOS 17 may be likely to make an appearance at WWDC but that’s no excuse not to stay up to date. The latest version, iOS 16.5 has just been released and brings some interesting new upgrades. 

iPhone users can of course expect the usual round and bug fixes, including one that annoyingly caused Podcasts to play incorrectly in CarPlay, but there is more than that being added in the latest update. Apple seems to be following up on its recent investment in sports (with the MLS and Baseball now streaming live on AppleTV) with a dedicated new tab in Apple News. The Sports tab will be able to provide users with the latest news, scores and events for their favourite teams, great if they’re winning, but it feels like rubbing it in if they’re not.

Siri has received plenty of upgrades recently with advances in AI, and another useful one is on its way in 16.5. iPhone users can ask Siri to record the screen with the regular wake command and then “Start/stop a screen recording”. Finally, an easier way to show my mum how to use her iPhone without screaming down the phone line. 

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Those who use Apple Pay but also keep their phone in Silent Mode will appreciate a brand new setting to keep the tap-to-pay sound always on. This helps to make sure you know exactly when you’re spending money and don’t accidentally pay twice (or not at all!). 

Smart Home fans will be pleased to see that iOS 16.5 adds the ability for shared admins to add new matter devices to your home network. There is also a brand new Pride background to celebrate the upcoming Pride Month. 

These additions are all pretty handy but the biggest reason to stay up to date will always be to stay on top of security updates. iOS 16.5 fixes several vulnerabilities for remote attackers to exploit and issues with Apps being able to bypass their agreed permissions.  It's not as sexy as the rumoured Apple VR headset, but iOS 16.5 is a helpful upgrade. 

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