iOS 17 is coming soon – here are 3 things I'm hoping to see

The next iPhone update is rumoured to bring a host of improvements and new apps

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With WWDC 2023 around the corner, we're just a few weeks away from learning about some of the new features coming to iPhones. That's because – historically, at least – the conference gives us a first look at the next-generation software Apple will release – in this case, iOS 17.

There have been lots of rumours about features and changes coming in the next iteration, which should be officially available with the iPhone 15. Those include an update to the Control Centre, and a change to how Apple Maps works.

I'm excited to see what comes next. iOS updates are not just good for new users – Apple keep older devices updated for a really long time, meaning even legacy handsets can enjoy the benefits.

Here are three things I'm really excited for on the iOS 17 update.

1. A new Journaling app

Rumours emerged recently that Apple were working on a journaling app for inclusion in the next update. According to reports, the app will combine multimedia user input with data about location and proximity to other devices, as well as workout data from Apple Health.

This will allow the app to analyse how much time you spend at home, how often you interact with others and more, to help assess things which may be affecting your mental wellbeing. That sounds pretty intrusive, though reports suggest Apple have made provisions to ensure personal data isn't affected.

I'm excited by this. I've never gotten into the world of journaling, but I can imagine it's quite a cathartic experience. Having it ready to go on your phone anytime is a massive plus point, and should make it easier than ever to start.

2. Apple Wallet update

Renders have also been leaked of an update to the Apple Wallet app. This would see bank cards housed separately to tickets and other passes which can clutter up the app.

I'm a huge fan of this. It's really useful having gig tickets, train tickets, gift cards and more in the Wallet app, but it can quickly become a mess. Separating those from the bank cards you'll use more often will make things more seamless, and stop you from having to scroll through an endless stream of nonsense when you're standing at the self-checkout.

3. Customisation

Tied into a few of the core UI upgrades this year is the idea of customisation. This is something that has been notably absent from the iPhone historically, while rival Android phones enjoy a comparative buffet of options.

We did, of course see a glimmer of this last year. Users had the option to customise the font of the time and the widgets on their home screen in iOS 16.

Whether or not we'll see more this time is unclear, but I'm crossing my fingers. Even things like being able to choose which items appear as quick access buttons in the Control Centre would be a nice start.

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