This iOS 17 leak shows big changes to key iPhone apps

The iPhone 15 launch means a new iOS for older iPhones too, and some key apps are changing

Mock-up of rumoured changes to Wallet in iOS 17
(Image credit: Twitter/Analyst941)

It's Apple's big developer event WWDC 2023 in a few weeks, and that means we'll get to see more of the operating system that'll ship with the iPhone 15 and give existing iPhones an update too. While we're not expecting a massive change to the look of iOS 17, there have been rumours of fairly significant changes to some key apps – and according to Analyst941 on Twitter, who seems to have the inside track on Apple apps, those apps include Wallet and Health.

The image above is a render based on apparently solid information, and it shows the revamped Wallet app we can expect to see at WWDC and in the final iOS 17 release. If you squint you'll see that the icons at the bottom group your cards into different categories: cards, cash, keys, IDs and orders. There's also a tab to switch between cards and passes.

With iOS 17 Apple's having a big tidy up

The Wallet app doesn't look like it'll work much differently, because at heart it's a pretty simple app. But the current version has got awfully messy over time, and on my iPhone 14 it's just a bundle of bank cards, store cards, train tickets and cinema passes. Being able to organise things more efficiently will be a big help generally and will make me a bit less stressed when I'm running late for a train.

The other app leaked by Analyst941 is the Health app, which isn't just relevant to iPhone users: apparently it's coming to iPad too, a move that's long overdue. The redesigned app, like Wallet, retains its current functionality but presents it in a clearer and more logical fashion, with a six-box grid showing favourite metrics visually.

There will be more changes to iOS 17, I'm sure, and hopefully we'll see some of them at WWDC. If not, plenty of leakers will be happy to oblige in the coming months. iOS 17 is expected to launch this autumn.

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