3 things we're expecting to see at WWDC 2023 – and one we definitely aren't

Apple is promising one of its most exciting events ever – so what could be on the cards?

Apple WWDC 2023
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WWDC 2023 is still a few months away, but the hubbub surrounding the event is massive. That's partly thanks to Apple's announcement, which calls this the "biggest and most exciting [event] yet."

The rumour mill, naturally, swooned. Much of the talk has centred around the Apple Reality Pro headset – the brands' long-awaited debut in the mixed reality space. And I can see why – even the poster seems to hint at its inclusion, looking like a birds eye view of the headset.

But what else can we expect to see? Here's a few things we think will make an appearance.

15-inch MacBook Air

MacBook Air M2

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The 15-inch MacBook Air has been rumoured for a while, and seems likely to be launched around the same time as WWDC. And, I'd wager, that makes it likely to be unveiled there, rather than Apple putting on another event close by.

If it is, I can see it being a hit. I'm a massive fan of the MacBook Air range – I've used an M1 MacBook Air since it was launched – as they offer brilliant price-to-performance. This one is rumoured to push that even further, with many suggesting this could see the first M3 chip. That's said to use TSMC's 3nm manufacturing process, which should offer better power and efficiency.

Mac Pro

Mac Pro 2019

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The Mac Pro remains one of the only products in Apple's catalogue which doesn't utilise the Apple Silicon chipsets. That's something which many users want put right, offering the same customisation possibilities and staggering power, with Apple's in-house processors.

And if you're going to launch a top-tier, customisable solution for hardcore power-users, there really is no place better to do that than at a conference where they're all invited. If the M3 is unveiled at the event, I'd expect that to be powering things, though other rumours suggest it could be M2 Ultra-based.

Reality Pro Headset

Apple AR headset render

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As mentioned, this one has been the talk of the town leading up to the event. And, despite a slew of rumours suggesting it's not ready, or executives are unconvinced, I think it will make it's debut appearance at WWDC.

Whether or not that means you'll be able to buy one soon is likely more hazy. But I can't see that fanfare being ignored, so expect to get a demonstration and some more information on it, even if there is no 'Buy It Now' button at the same time.

The headset is also going to make use of an entirely new operating system – known as xrOS. Given that all of Apple's other software is certain to be shown off here, I'd expect that to get a showing as well.

iPhone 15

iPhone 15 smartphone

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One thing we definitely aren't expecting to see at WWDC is the new iPhone range. Thanks to a a mountain of rumours and leaked information, it definitely feels like we should be getting an announcement in the near future, but I can't imagine Apple deviating that severely from their standard release schedule.

It's worth keeping your eyes peeled though – although I wouldn't expect a specific appearance, companies have been known to show renders of upcoming devices at conferences, like little Easter eggs. For example, when they inevitably show off the features of iOS17, pay attention to the handset it's displayed on – it could be an iPhone 15!

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