iOS 17 could get a new app designed to help your mental wellbeing

It will allow users to journal from their iPhone, throughout their day

Apple iPhone 14 in yellow
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WWDC 2023 is right around the corner, and many are expecting big things from Apple. Aside from glitzy new hardware like the 15-inch MacBook Air and maybe even the Apple Reality Pro headset, we're expecting to see all of the new software goodness from the brand.

We've already heard about a significant improvement in WatchOS 10, and a larger-than-expected iOS 17 update. Now, we know a little more about what the latter could entail.

According to a report in the Wall Street Journal, Apple is preparing a new app, which could launch as part of iOS 17. The app, which is codenamed Jurassic, would allow users to journal throughout the day, from their iPhone.

Documents seen by the team at WSJ say the app will analyse users' habits and activities, to determine what a normal day looks like and identify anything that happens outside the norm. That could measure things like time spent at home and workouts, for example.

The app will have access to quite a large pool of data, including text messages, calls and proximity to other devices with what is being called "All Day People Discovery". It's not entirely clear how this data will be used, though there are assurances that privacy and security have been designed at the heart of this system.

I'd also hope to see a well-integrated system that can offer prompts, and allow for multi-media input, to include audio recordings and photos, for example. This kind of technology is already present in third-party apps, which have set the standard for mobile journaling.

Personally, I'm quite excited to get this update. Journaling isn't something I've ever done before, but the benefits do sound worthwhile. Users report a reduction in anxiety and a clearer mind, achieved by penning the thoughts that would otherwise occupy them.

I'd be intrigued to see more on how that data is used, but overall, I think this sounds like a positive introduction. Let's hope we find out more on the 5th of June.

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