This electric heat pad costs 3p to run & it’s 27% off at Amazon

Keep warm this winter with 27% off the Cosi Home Electric Heat Pad

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It’s no secret that it’s absolutely freezing outside right now! If you’re trying to stay warm this winter while saving money at the same time, you should consider investing in one of the best electric blankets.

Compared to switching on the heating, electric blankets are much cheaper and more cost effective to run during the day or throughout the night, and if you find one that’s discounted in the sales, that’s even better. One of the best electric blanket deals we’ve found is on the Cosi Home Electric Heat Pad which is now 27% off in the Amazon Last Minute Deals.

View the Cosi Home Electric Heat Pad deal at Amazon

Originally priced at £34.99, the Cosi Home Electric Heat Pad is now just £25.49 at Amazon, saving you money on this warming heating device that you can wear like a vest.

The Electric Heat Pad from Cosi Home is designed to warm your neck, back and shoulders. After you wrap and attach the vest pad to your body, it transfers heat directly onto the body and you can wear it while completing tasks around the house. The Cosi Home Electric Heat Pad has 6 customisable heat settings and is made from a soft fleece material so it feels nice against the skin.

The Cosi Home Electric Heat Pad costs as low as 3p an hour to run. Compared to other electric blankets, this is a pretty reasonable price and if you run it for 8 hours a day, it’ll only cost around 24p to run, which is much cheaper than turning on the heating. For more information, check out how electric blankets keep you warm & save you money.

To view the Cosi Home Electric Heat Pad deal at Amazon, click the link above or keep reading for more heat pad deals.

Cosi Home Electric Heat Pad for Neck, Back & Shoulders: £34.99

Cosi Home Electric Heat Pad for Neck, Back & Shoulders: £34.99, £25.49 at Amazon
Get the Cosi Home Electric Heat Pad for just £25.49 at Amazon. Designed to be worn on your body to warm your neck, back and shoulders, this heating device is super warm and cosy, plus you can lay it across your legs or stomach for targeted warmth in other areas. The Cosi Home Electric Heat Pad has multiple settings which are controlled by a remote, advanced overheat protection and a shut-off timer if you forget to unplug it.

If you fancy an electric blanket or heating pad that you don’t have to wear but can put in your bed, the Beurer Heat Pad is also discounted at Amazon. The Beurer Heat Pad is now under £25 at Amazon and is a handy heater that you can pop under a blanket, in your bed or on your body like a hot water bottle – find more details below.

Beurer HK25UK Heat Pad: £32.99

Beurer HK25UK Heat Pad: £32.99, £24.52 at Amazon
Get 26% off the Beurer Heat Pad in the Amazon Last Minute Deals. The Beurer Heat Pad has 3 temperature settings that can be adjusted with the removable controls. With its overheat protection, it will automatically switch off after 90 minutes of use, and the soft cotton cover can be removed and cleaned in the washing machine for freshness.

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