How electric blankets can keep you warm & save you money this winter

Electric blankets: how much the cost to run & how they help you save on heating

Can electric blankets help you save money on heating?
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The cost of living crisis has been hitting all of us this year, with energy, electricity and water bills skyrocketing. Due to this, many people are planning on avoiding putting the heating on this winter to cut back on energy usage and inflated costs. If you’re looking for a more affordable way to stay warm during the winter, one thing that many people are considering is an electric blanket.

The best electric blankets are deliciously warm and keep out the cold without the need to switch on the central heating. If you’re thinking of investing in an electric blanket as an alternative to putting on your heating, there are plenty of options available from simple ones with easy-to-use controls to the more extreme with timers and adjustable temperatures.

But how much do they cost to run? Should you be using them all night ? And most importantly, can they actually help you save money? We’ve got all the answers, and if you’re panicking about the cost of living crisis, check out our guide on how to save money on your energy bills for more money-saving tips. 

How much does it cost to run an electric blanket?

The way electric blankets work is that they generate heat through the wires within the fabric. Despite electric blankets running on electricity (clues in the name), they could be a more cost-effective way to stay warm and cosy this winter, especially during the night.

According to bedding experts at Sleepseeker, “each electric blanket will have a different power rating and the overall cost will depend on the rating on your blanket’s label”. If you’re buying an electric blanket or you already have one, checking the label will give you an idea of how much energy and money it will take to run it for a prolonged period of time.

Electric blankets

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According to Express, the national average price of electricity went up in October to 52p per kWh. The average electric blanket has a power rating of 100W which equates to just over 5p per kWh. So in theory, running a 100W electric blanket will cost you around 42p a night based on 8 hours of use.

So, can you keep your electric blanket running all night? The simple answer is yes and it’ll work out cheaper than turning on the heating. Not only that, but if you choose a blanket with a lower power rating, you’re saving more money, so choosing an electric blanket over heating could be more cost effective. If you’re really trying to limit your electricity usage, you can choose a lower temperature on your electric blanket or choose one that comes with a timer so it will turn off after a certain amount of time.

Other ways to save money on heating this winter

If you’re not wild about the idea of electric blankets or you have multiple people in your household, it might be best to explore other ways to save on heating this winter.

Instead of an electric blanket, wrap up in extra clothing layers or regular blankets to keep out the chill. These items are in everyone’s wardrobes and are pretty inexpensive so indulge in layers this winter. The cold gets particularly biting during the night so update your bedding with a higher duvet tog and thicker sheets. For more advice, check out our guide on how to transform your bed from summer to winter.

Finally, investing in a smart thermostat can help you save energy and money while still using your heating. The best smart thermostats keep your home at the right temperature and can create schedules and timers for your water and boiler systems to save on electricity. With a smart thermostat, you can turn it off via the apps before you leave the house and turn it on when you’re on your way home so it’s warm when you walk through the door.

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