How to transform your bed from summer to winter

Use these 5 hacks to take your bedding from summer to winter

How to change your bed from summer to winter, sleep and wellness tips
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Autumn/Winter sees the temperatures dropping, the days getting shorter and the evenings getting darker. As we transition from summer to winter, it’s time to start changing with the season in our homes, starting with bedding.

Shifting from season to season is something we do almost subconsciously, whether it’s putting on the heating during the winter or shedding layers in the summer. Summer bedding is quite light to prevent too much heat or excess sweat, which is great for hotter weather but isn’t ideal for colder temperatures.

If you don’t have the best bed set-up to accommodate the shift to winter, you’ll feel the chill during the night which could disrupt your sleep and leave you feeling groggy and tired the next day. To avoid this, follow these 5 hacks to take your bed from summer to winter.

1. Sleep on a temperature regulating mattress

It might come as a surprise but having the right mattress can keep you warm and cool you down, depending on the season. While choosing the best mattress can be tricky and a little expensive, it’s important to do your research and find one that will adapt with you and the temperatures all year round.

Choosing a temperature regulating mattress is the best way to combat the changing of the season, particularly from summer to winter. These type of mattresses use foam or gel within the mattress make-up that adapts to your body heat, and keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The best memory foam mattresses will feature this type of technology and while they are an investment, it can help you avoid unnecessary costs like heating overtime. If you don’t want to invest this much in a whole new mattress, you can choose one of the best mattress toppers to place over your current mattress for extra comfort and warmth.

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2. Switch to a higher duvet tog

The next thing to tackle is your duvet. During the Autumn/Winter, you should be using a higher or thicker duvet tog to tackle the colder weather. This is different compared to the summer months, where your duvet should have a low tog rating. If you’re unsure what tog is, it’s a rating that measures how effectively your duvet insulates heat, aka how warm it is. Tog rating starts from 1-15 and your winter duvet should be at a thickness of 10.5-15 togs. For more information on duvet togs, see when to change to a warmer duvet, and if you need a new duvet, take a look at our best duvet guide.

3. Choose thicker sheets & bedding

Similar to your duvet, switch out your thin summer sheets, covers and blankets for your winter ones. If your room is particularly draughty, having thicker sheets can make a huge difference in keeping you warm and cosy during the winter nights. Starting with the best sheets, choose materials that are quilted, heavyweight cotton or fabric with a high thread count. This will keep you comfortable and toasty warm. For your duvet cover and pillow cases, choose thicker fabrics like fleece or flannel for extra softness and warmth. Since you’re moving from summer to winter, reflect this in the colours of your bedding by choosing dark reds, emerald greens and slate greys and patterns like snowflakes, checks and trees.

4. Decorate with throws & blankets

It’s time to get decorative with Autumn/Winter themed throws and blankets. Adding these layers to your bed not only looks attractive and gets you in the mood for the season, but it also traps heat, which will keep you snuggly and warm. Choose from an array of throw pillows, fleece blankets and woollen comforters and quilts to add extra comfort and colour to your bed.

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5. Invest in an electric blanket

Finally, if you’re absolutely freezing during this season, invest in one of the best electric blankets. Due to the cost of living, many of us will be keeping a close eye on the heating this year, so bundling up in extra layers or hiding underneath an electric blanket can keep out the cold. There are plenty of electric blankets to choose from which have adjustable controls and timers, so you can put up the heat as high as it can go or keep a consistent warmth throughout your bed while you sleep.

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