These are the 3 kitchenware trends coming in hot for 2024, according to an expert

ProCook has revealed the trends set to take the kitchen by storm this year

ProCook pans
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The amount of different trends we saw in 2023 were endless. From the continued rise of the air fryer to the viral Girl Dinner, there were many predictions that passed through our kitchens, especially to do with making life just that little bit easier. Now we've reached 2024, it’s clear our lives are busier than ever before, so ensuring the way we cook at home caters to a hectic lifestyle is extremely important.  

Known for its impressive saucepan setskitchen knives and cast irons, ProCook is one brand that understands the significance of practical cookware. However, it also appreciates that looks are just as important, with consumers increasingly considering style when making kitchenware purchases. With this in mind, I spoke to Rob Falconer, Head of Range at ProCook, who revealed the design ideas set to take the kitchen by storm this year.

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ProCook Designpro Stackable Cookware Set 3 Piece

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With kitchen space often limited, finding ways to make the most of our storage has always been a high priority, explaining why clever storage concepts, hacks and gadgets often go viral on social media. 

All-in-one cookware that can stack, collapse or fold is the way to go when trying to save on precious kitchen cupboard space. ProCook’s new game changing Designpro cookware range has an innovative stackable design and a removable handle, which can help maximise space whilst still looking great. Not only can stackable cookware be packed away neatly, the colourful finishes make them look just as good placed on an open shelf or the hob.

Similarly, all-in-one multipurpose kitchen electricals are becoming increasingly popular. Rather than opting for separate appliances that can only do one job, choosing an appliance that ticks many culinary boxes saves precious counter space and is cost effective. ProCook has some exciting multipurpose kitchen appliances launching in 2024 that can handle multiple tasks from frying and steaming to baking and slow cooking. Why don't you check out the brand's new Air Fryer Health Grill to find out more? 

2. Let there be colour 

ProCook pans

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Although neutral colours are still popular choices for kitchens, colour is in and we’re looking for ways to incorporate it into our kitchens. An array of muted tones are emerging which offer the opportunity to add character to your kitchen while still making sure it looks sophisticated. Yet there’s no need to stick to just one hue, as colourful mix-and-match kitchens are rising in popularity. The key to getting the look right? Choose your favourite hero shade as your main colour and complement it with just two to three tones within a similar palette.

WSGN recently announced its colour of the year, Apricot Crush, and Pantone announced theirs as Peach Fuzz, both playful peachy hues that we’ll be seeing plenty more of in 2024. ProCook's new Soho cookware set in Coral mirrors this colour brilliantly, whilst the other finishes in the collection complement it nicely. The Soho range offers twelve functions in a four-piece set, making it an excellent value for money and affordable way to bring your kitchen right up to date.

3. Strong as steel

ProCook Professional Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker

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Stainless steel is a finish that has endured its way through many different looks and trends over the years, appearing on anything in the kitchen from lighting and hardware to worktops and appliances. This timeless, sustainable material is remarkably robust and has long been associated with professional kitchens but is ever popular in the home too. 

Uncoated stainless steel cookware has recently become the more popular choice for home cooks, as people are gaining more confidence in the kitchen and exploring the different types of cookware available. Uncoated stainless steel cookware is a natural progression from non-stick coated due to its classic, professional look and feel. 

One easy way to enhance your existing kitchen with stainless steel is with a smart countertop appliance. ProCook’s versatile and sleek Professional Pressure Cooker has a whole host of handy modern features, a 6-litre capacity and it’s one you’ll want to have out on display.

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