New Samsung fridge uses AI to tell you what's inside and when it's going out of date

The Bespoke 4-Door Flex Refrigerator will be unveiled at CES next week

Samsung AI smart fridge
(Image credit: Samsung)

2024 is going to be an exciting year for the smart home industry, starting off with CES taking place in Las Vegas next week. If you didn't know, T3 will be covering the event alongside all the new products coming your way - we can't wait! 

In preparation, Samsung Electronics has announced that it will use CES 2024 to introduce its latest kitchen appliances powered by AI and SmartThings connectivity...starting with its brand new smart fridge. 

Samsung originally launched its first smart fridge in 2016, and has since expanded with its Family Hub smart fridge range. After releasing the Bespoke Family Hub Plus smart fridge back in May 2023, Samsung has adapted the model into the 2024 Bespoke 4-Door Flex Refrigerator, equipped with some fascinating AI features. 

The model includes an internal camera that can identify which food items are in your fridge, allowing you to add expiration dates for the items you'd like to keep a track of. Samsung has said that the camera will be able to identify up to 33 different fresh food items based on predefined data, which suggests it won't be able to detect everything. However, it will notify you when food items are about the expire, so we can't complain too much. 

2024 Bespoke 4-Door Flex Refrigerator

(Image credit: Samsung)

The latest smart fridge also allows you collect recipes, sourced from Samsung Food and Samsung Health, and send the cooking instructions to the fridge's Family Hub+ screen. With just a few key presses, users can follow the recipes with ease, as well as enjoy videos from YouTube and TikTok. The fridge will also be able to monitor the status of its water filter, alerting users when a replacement is needed.

What's even better is that the new appliances do not stop there. Samsung has also announced the 2024 model of its Induction Cooktop, which includes a slide-in range that can squeeze between kitchen cabinets. With Anti-Scratch Glass used instead of a typical ceramic glass, users also won’t have to worry about scratching their induction surface when moving cookware.

The appliances will be available to view at CES 2024, and we will be sure to update this page with any pricing and availability information. 

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