The new Columbia SH/FT mid-trainers blur the line between trail and pavement

Stylish and 100% waterproof hikers for city-slackers and nature lovers alike

Columbia Sh/ft collection
(Image credit: Columbia)

Launched on 18 September, the outdoor apparel brand Columbia's new SH/FT footwear collection tries the blend to functionality of a hiking boot with the style of an urban sneaker.

The SH/FT takes this one step further, providing peak performance and function for the trail, without sacrificing style. The key attributes of the collection include:

  • Modern aesthetic with high-energy colour options and athletic comfort
  • SH/FT midsole featuring a dual compound cushioning composite that offers high resiliency for long lasting use and exceptional energy return
  • All-terrain traction for use on a variety of surfaces
  • Deconstructed knit upper for all day comfort and wear ability
  • OutDry, Columbia’s best-in-class waterproof breathable technology

Don't sacrifice on style with these urban hikers

(Image credit: Columbia)

These are not performance shoes and although the SH/FT does offer good energy return which will come handy on longer hikes, it will not be your next trail running shoe. The 100% waterproof OutDry stretch knit is comfortable to walk in, though, and will keep your feet dry and cosy in most weather conditions.

Priced at a reasonable £135, the SH/FT comes in five different colours to choose from.

You can buy the Columbia SH/FT mid-trainers either at Columbia's Carnaby street store or online at

Pavement or trail, it's all the same for the SH/FT

(Image credit: Columbia)
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