The folding iPhone could look like this

And we're 100 per cent there for it

Michal Dufka folding iPhone concept
(Image credit: Michal Dufka /

The iPhone 15 isn't going to fold. But we know that Apple is working on a folding iPhone and possibly a folding iPad too, and if the phone looks like the concept image above then it's going to be extremely exciting.

Sadly this isn't a leak; it's a concept render by visual effects artist Michal Dufka, who shared his design on just as Apple was preparing to unveil the iPhone 14 (hat tip to for spotting it).

This concept is clearly based in part on the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip and the Moto Razr, but it also draws heavily from the existing design of the iPhone 14 and the Apple Watch too: that display next to the camera bump is straight off the Apple Watch Series 7.

I really like it. I don't think Apple would release a phone that's quite so thick, but other than that I think it's a pretty convincing vision of what a folding iPhone might look like.

iPhone Flip foldable phone concept

(Image credit: Michal Dufka)

What's missing from the folding iPhone concept

There's no Dynamic Island or even a notch in this design; Dufka has gone for a more Samsung approach with a tiny cut-out for the selfie camera instead. And the use of the Apple Watch display means the exterior is quite different from the always-on display we've seen in the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. I like what Dufka has done with the Watch display, though: expanding the camera bump to include the external display is a smart design decision, and quite similar to what Samsung has done with its Flip and Fold phones – arguably the best folding phones you can buy right now.

I love folding phones, but I don't love them quite enough to ditch Apple for Android – so I'm hoping that Apple's folding plans are fairly well advanced and that the folding iPhone is something we'll actually be able to hold and fold in the not-too-distant future. But if you're an Android fan rather than an Apple one, there's no need to wait: the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 is one of the best phones you can buy, and it's not significantly more expensive than non-folding flagships.

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