The best Walmart Deals for Days Black Friday toy deals for boys of all ages

From stocking stuffers to board games, here's some great toys on sale for your little man

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Now that Walmart's Deals for Days Black Friday sale is officially underway, the first weekend of extra savings and discounts offers plenty of deals on toys for kids of all shapes and sizes.

However, parents hoping to score some deals on toys for their sons may just have one of the best selections they've had in years. Packed with discounts on everything from LEGO sets to hoverboards, Walmart is offering parents a great opportunity to do some holiday toy shopping on the cheap – especially if you've got a young man running around the house.

Walmart has broken down the massive selection of Black Friday toy deals to an incredibly easy system, with categories focusing on age, toy types and even price limits. This not only makes it easy to shop Walmart's Black Friday sale, it makes it even easier to save as much money as possible in the process.

Budgets are tighter than ever but as parents, we want to give our kids the best holiday season we can. Walmart's Deals for Days toy deals thankfully help with that, offering toys for as little as $5 for toddlers and preschoolers but also taking upwards of 50% off more popular toys for older kids as well.

There's a lot to shop through, though, so to help those parents out there Christmas shopping on a budget I've put together a quick list of some great Black Friday toy deals you can snag right now during Walmart's Deals for Days sale.

Walmart Deals for Days Black Friday Toy Deals: Cheapest Deals

If you've got a young toddler or preschooler, there's plenty of toys on sale that are as low as $5 to start. You'll find the cheapest selection of toys below, most of which are perfect for younger kids and are a great selection of stocking stuffers.

Walmart Deals for Days Black Friday Toy Deals: Board Games

Walmart is offering two separate categories that feature board games for as low as $6. This includes family fun classics like Connect4, Trouble, Sorry, Clue, and other popular games children of all ages can enjoy.

The second offers board games and puzzles aimed towards older kids for just $10. Including timeless classics such as Operation, Battleship, and even Monopoly, this is a great way to stock up for family game night on the cheap.

A personal favorite of mine has to be Hasbro's Battleship, which is currently over 40% off. For just $10, Walmart is offering a classic game of strategy and wits that offers tons of fun for kids and parents alike.

For those unfamiliar with the game, two players plan and strategize on placing their fleet of aircraft carriers, submarines, and other naval crafts on coordinates across their side of the board. Once placed, each player takes turns calling out coordinates to sink the other players ships. The person who takes out their opponents fleet first is the victor.

It's an awesome game that offers a great way for younger kids to learn strategy and tactics, while also just being downright fun to play with friends or family members. If Battleship isn't quite what you're looking for, however, there's plenty more for kids of all ages.

Check out some of the best deals on board games for $10 or less below.

Best Board Games & Puzzles for $10 or less

Walmart Deals for Days Black Friday Toy Deals: NERF

There's something about NERF guns that most kids love, and they offer some of the safest and most fun ways for boys to get into trouble.

Walmart is offering a great selection of Black Friday NERF deals that take upwards of 50% off select models, meaning there's plenty of savings to be found if you're shopping for NERF guns this Christmas.

With some NERF guns on sale for as low as $4, load your kid up with the NERF arsenal of his dreams while saving a ton of money in the process.

Got a kid whos a fan of Minecraft? Walmart has a good selection of NERF Minecraft toys to shop through. Maybe they like Fortnite instead, and if that's the case there's plenty of NERF Fortnite toys on sale to check out as well.

From classic NERF guns to more recent series like the NERF Rival and NERF Elite series, there's a slew of Black Friday NERF deals to check out at Walmart. Some of my personal favorites and best deals of Walmart's Deals for Days sale are below.

Best Black Friday NERF Deals at Walmart

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