Samsung Galaxy users just got a brilliant free upgrade

Users of Samsung's Android phones can utilise a brilliant iPhone feature

The front and back of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus in white against a white background
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One of the coolest features found on the iPhone and Google Pixel devices is the ability to turn the back panel of your device into an extra button. By double or triple tapping the back of the phone, you can trigger a range of actions.

Originally included as an accessibility feature, the back tap found widespread acclaim due to how simple it was to operate. Without moving from your resting position, you can, for example, take a screenshot, or open a specific app.

Now, the functionality is available on devices like the Samsung Galaxy S22 for the first time. The new update, which brings it to Samsung devices, is available from Good Lock Labs.

How to get the back tap feature on Samsung

In order to get this functionality, you'll need to download Good Lock from the Samsung Galaxy Store. Note that it's not available on the Google Play Store, though Samsung's alternative is installed natively on all devices.

Once you've got that, you need to download a module called RegiStar. This is the new update, which will allow you to utilise the back tap function. Along with the back tap, RegiStar also enables the customisation of what happens when you long press the power button.

Plus, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 users can use it enable a firm press on the screen as a form of gesture shortucut. 

What is Good Lock?

Good Lock is a suite of apps designed by Samsung, which focus on the customisation of your device. You can use it to customise most aspects of your device, and, since it's all been put together by Samsung, it works really intuitively. 

It's split into different modules, which each target a specific bit of software. The bonus here is that you don't have to waste any storage real estate on features you don't want or need. Simply install the features you want and leave the ones you don't to make your device as personalised as you want.

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