T3 Hype: best tech released this week; Tesla Model 3, Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers and more

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This week we have the Tesla Model 3, Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers and more.

Tesla Model 3

It’s confirmed, the latest electric Tesla Model 3 car will has begun to roll off the production line as of Friday. 

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has said 20,000 Model 3 cars will be made per month from December. Find out why that’s needed at the link.

Tesla ramps up Model 3 production; first car rolls off production line this Friday

Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers

Both NIntendo and third-party ColorWave have announced new Joy-Con controllers for the Switch this week.

The ColorWave controller is kitted out in class NES colours while the Nintendo official Joy-Cons come in a pair with neon green and neon pink. Check out which you want at the link.

Putting the joy in Joy-Con: Neon pink and green Switch controllers are ready

H1 Headphones

Want a set of headphones that do a bit more? The H1 Headphones will test your hearing and adapt to suit.

Yup, the H1 Headphones use EarPrint tech to adapt the audio to suit your perfectly. Find out more on the wonder science at the link.

Test your hearing and customise your listening experience with the H1 Headphones from Even

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