Putting the joy in Joy-Con: Neon pink and green Switch controllers are ready

Available now to pre-order in the UK, out very soon

Nintendo knows that you take your Switch out with you so you want to look good when button bashing on the bus and beyond. That’s why it now offers more awesome Joy-Con controllers in new stunning colours.

First we reported the reveal of the ColorWave classic NES style Joy-Con controllers, which are still awesome, but now these new official controllers have us excited again.

Nintendo will release the new neon pink and neon green Joy-Cons later this month but they are now available to pre-order. That means a left green and right pink controller which you can mix and match with your other controllers if you want.

There is also a neon yellow Joy-Con set available so for the neon ravers out there that really want to mix it up you can splash out and have plenty of options.

Who knows how long these controllers will last before sweaty gaming hands take their toll on that colour. Has Nintendo taken into account mucky out-and-about hands too? We’ll have to wait and see how well the Joy-Cons age. But with all these cool options around, getting a new set is always a way to keep your Switch looking fresh.

The new neon Joy-Cons will cost £70 for a pair and be released in the UK on 28 July.

Luke Edwards

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