You need this awesome retro NES style controller for your Nintendo Switch

Smart slide on Switch design, badass original NES colouring

Nintendo may have announced its new SNES Classic Mini console but it’ll still be a wait for that so why not upgrade your Switch to a retro NES feel to keep you going until then?

The new Nintendo Switch controller from ColorWare is essentially the standard Joy Con controller but with a custom black and grey paint job. The Jon Con Classic, as it’s called, looks awesome and is even more desirable as it’s a limited edition set that won’t be available for long.

The Joy Con Classic is the latest in the line of Switch controllers from ColorWave that offers personalisation to gamers. These controllers feature the classic black and grey colouring of the NES and, perhaps more iconically, those red buttons too. 

So why not rush out and grab a set right away? This kit is not cheap. The ColorWave Joy Con Classic will set you back a hefty $200 (£150) - far more then than the standard controllers - $120 (£90) more to be exact. But since this is a limited edition it may end up being worth more in the long run - no promises though.

Despite being a US offering the ColorWave Joy Con Classic will ship to the UK. So if you’ve got money to spare and want to be the envy of all your Nintendo loving pals, this could be the ideal controller upgrade for your Switch.

via ColorWave

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