T3 Agenda: Control your audio world with the Here One ear buds, Polk Audio's powerful new mini speaker and more

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In today's Thursday edition of the T3 Agenda, we control our calls and music like never before with the Here One smart ear buds, the new mini yet mighty Polk Magnifi Mini speaker and the launch of the AE1 Active speakers from Acoustic Energy...

The Here One are the wireless ear buds that let you do more than just listen to music

Say hello to the Here One - a set of smart wireless ear buds and a companion app that enables you to stream music and take calls as well as amplifying speech, reducing external noise and control real-world sounds.

You can selectively due into what you want to hear, drowning out the outside world and letting your choice of music or current phone call take centre stage in your ears. As well as being able to reduce or increase the volume of external noise, you can use Siri or Google Now to make calls, start songs and more - all via a smart pair of ear buds and a handy smartphone app.

Here One pre-orders have now started shipping, with an estimated arrival date of around the end of March. You can pre-order your vary own set direct today for £249.99.

The new Magnifi Mini speaker from Polk Audio might be small, but it packs an audio punch

Polk Audio has just released a new compact sound bar and subwoofer combo that'll transform your audio of choice without taking up valuable living room real estate. The Polk Magnifi Mini Sound Bar and Wireless Subwoofer offer 5.1 Dolby Digital surround sound and Polk’s patented Voice Adjust tech for bring the best out of on-screen dialogue during films or TV.

Standing at only 13.4 inches long and 3.1 inches tall, the MagniFi Mini packs four 2.25 inch drivers and two 12mm tweeters into its compact frame, producing rich, room-filling sound. Add to that a beefy punch of bass with the Wireless Subwoofer and you've got one small yet mighty package.

The Polk Magnifi Mini speaker is available now for £349.99 from Amazon.

Acoustic Energy to launch its new AE1 Active speakers at the Bristol Show 2017

Audio specialist Acoustic Energy has confirmed it will be launching its new AE1 Active speakers at this year's Bristol Show event. The launch will coincide with both the firm's 30th year in the hi-fi business and the 30th anniversary of the show itself.

The AE1 Active is fully bi-amped with two 50Watt class A/B amplifiers per speaker, offering an impressive example of speaker and amplifier integration. The team behind its creation experimented with wireless inputs, switch mode power supplies, Class D amplification and DSP before settling on an all-analogue design that puts performance first and foremost.

The Acoustic Energy AE1 Active will be available in Piano Black/White for £1,000 or Piano Cherry veneer for £1,200.