Stunning OnePlus 8T revealed in official video

OnePlus 8T appears in an official video, a week ahead of its big launch

The OnePlus 8T in Aquamarine Green
(Image credit: OnePlus)

The OnePlus 8T is set to be officially unveiled at an event next Wednesday, but at this rate there’s not going to be a great deal left to show. 

The company has been drip feeding information about the new device for some time now, but has gone one step further by showing off the OnePlus 8T in a new video the week before its official debut.

As you can see from the embed above, the handset has a rather charming new shade – referred to as ‘Aquamarine Green’ – and although the clip is only 17 seconds long, there’s a decent amount to take in. 

The glossy back has slightly curved edges, which should make the phone comfortable to hold, and there’s a big, chunky camera block in the top left-hand corner. The writing on said block clearly shows the presence of a 48-megapixel main sensor, and it looks like we’re getting four lenses in total.

We don’t see the front of the device in the video, but given it’s going to be almost all screen anyway, that’s not much of a loss. Besides, the company has already revealed that it’ll be 6.55-inches in size with a 120Hz refresh rate for displaying Android 11. Aside from seeing the exact placement of the front-facing camera, what else is there to see?

As if the video and previous reveals didn’t tell us enough about the new handset, CEO Pete Lau published an accompanying post on the official OnePlus forum. Lau, it seems, is particularly proud of the OnePlus 8T’s finish: the company “tested hundreds of films before finding the ideal type”. It contains seven layers and uses diffuse reflection “to produce a clean, gleaming surface that effectively mitigates the buildup of fingerprints.”

It certainly sounds appealing, and looks extremely stylish in the Aquamarine Green color scheme. Hopefully we’ll see more shades revealed next week for green haters, along with a RRP in the same ballpark as the OnePlus 8’s £599. 

You can tune in one Wednesday 14 October at 7AM PT /10AM ET /3PM BST, but given it falls the day after the iPhone 12 launch, we’ll understand if you want to give this one a miss - especially if you're in Australia, where that translates to midnight.