Sky Q just added a brilliant new Netflix feature subscribers will love

Netflix just got a huge upgrade for Sky Q users

Sky Q TV Netflix
(Image credit: Sky)

Sky’s ‘Ultimate TV’ package is a great choice for those that can’t get enough of binge watching box sets. The package offers the excellent Sky Q box, Sky’s own TV on demand service and Netflix, starting at £25 a month

Nice as bringing Netflix into the Sky Q interface is however, there was a problem: although HDR is included in Netflix’s Premium £11.99 per month package, historically it hasn’t been supported on Sky Q – until now. Sky has announced, an update is rolling out that will let you watch Netflix in HDR from the Sky Q box, without having to switch to a Chromecast or games console for the improved quality.

HDR, for those unaware, stands for High Dynamic Range. Programmes shot in HDR benefit from far better contrast and brighter colours for an all-round better looking picture. Most 4K televisions have it built in, albeit with varying degrees of effectiveness, and it has been part of Netflix for a few years now, with a number of shows and movies supported. 

For Sky, HDR support has been slower coming. Earlier this year a number of documentaries such as ‘Gang of Lemur Island’ and ‘Malawi: Wildlife Rescue’ arrived with HDR, with some movies to follow before Christmas and sports coverage at some point next year. A select few Sky originals including ‘Britannia II’, ‘Cobra’ and ‘Bulletproof 2’ can also be watched with HDR.

“It’s great to add Netflix’s HDR films and TV shows to the growing collection of stunning HDR content on Sky Q, giving our customers a brighter, bolder and more realistic viewing experience,” said Sky’s group chief product officer, Fraser Stirling. “Netflix HDR is the latest in a string of new features we’ve added to Sky Q, including; enhanced voice search, a sleek new home screen design and apps like Fiit and Roxi, making it easier for customers to find more of what they love in one place.”

To get Netflix running with HDR on Sky Q, you’ll need three things: a compatible television set, a Premium subscription to Netflix and a Sky Q box that supports HDR. You can check the last of these with a little help from the Sky website