Cheap 8K TV deal! Save £200 off this 55-inch Samsung 8K and get a FREE Galaxy Z Flip phone – beat that, Prime Day!’s 8K TV deal means endless pixels for £1,799 AND Samsung’s folding phone

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The full force of Amazon Prime Day deals are still some time away so competitors are elbowing in early with some fantastic TV deals. This one from is pretty spectacular if you’ve decided 4K isn’t quite good enough for your high-resolution cravings. 

£200 off the 55-inch version of Samsung’s impressive QLED 8K Smart TV is already an excellent offer but getting a free Samsung Galaxy Z Flip phone worth £1,300 is quite the bonus. 

Save £200 on a Samsung 8K QLED 55-inch TV and get a FREE Galaxy Z Flip at

The QE55Q700TA is 8K at a size (and price) that's more living room friendly, with no need to clear an entire wall just because you want images so sharp you could cut yourself. Samsung’s QLED technology means every colour will pop and, while 8K means you’re ahead of the curve in terms of how high-res movies and TV shows are, the smart upscaling processor means everything you watch will look phenomenal. 

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When it comes to the free Samsung Galaxy Z Flip phone, there aren’t even flaming hoops to jump through. All the terms and conditions are on's product page , but after purchase, you have to fill out a form on Samsung’s site, and within 45 days you’ll be sent your phone. If you don’t need a new phone, you could sell your futuristic freebie friend, and get an 8K TV for peanuts… 

The tick list of desirable features on this TV is long, but HDR comes as standard, there’s an Active Voice Amplifier to make sure you can always hear crisp dialogue without the need for a soundbar, and apps are included for all the usual streaming suspects including Spotify, iPlayer, and Now TV.

It’s also worth noting, given that it’s a big year for consoles, that there’s a specific gaming mode making this a perfect gaming tv whether you’ve chosen a PlayStation 5 pre-order or an Xbox Series X pre-order.

Samsung 8K QLED 55-inch TV with FREE Galaxy Z Flip | Save £200 | Now £1,799 at

Samsung 8K QLED 55-inch TV with FREE Galaxy Z Flip | Save £200 | Now £1,799 at
Samsung's cheapest 8K TV is a recent release, focused on getting you all that resolution for less. The Quantum Processor 8K is astoundingly effective, taking 4K and making it look sharper and clearer than ever. The sound is upgraded compared to most TVs too – eight speakers around the edges track what's happening on-screen to make the sound come from the right area, giving 3D immersion.

If you’re currently hunting down a new TV and want to make sure you’re getting a bargain, take a look at our constantly updated best TV deals. We’re also all ready for next week with a full collection of the best Amazon Prime Day deals on all the tech you’ll need. 

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