Specialized launches new 'lightest in class' affordable alloy road bike

The new Allez weighs just 1,375 grams and doesn't cost the Earth, either

Specialized lanches Allez road bike update 2023
(Image credit: Specialized)

The best road bikes are often made from alloy: it's more flexible than carbon, which reduces shaking when you ride, and lighter than steel, which is, well, ideal. The latest model in Californian cycling manufacturer Specialized's stable, the all-new Allez, is the most lightweight bike in its class – or so the brand claims. It's not just light but also affordable and accessible.

The Allez series was launched over 40 years ago, and it went through many iterations, from the original Allez made from premium steel to the new alloy model using a butted tube with the same exterior diameter but variable wall thickness along the tube. The thicker ends add stiffness and strength where needed, while the thinner midsection adds compliance to smooth out the ride.

Specialized lanches Allez road bike update 2023

(Image credit: Specialized)

This premium E5 alloy frame is said to be light, fast, and durable, with an excellent stiffness-to-weight ratio coupled with the "unmatched stopping power" of all-weather dual-piston disc brakes. It uses the seven-times Paris-Roubaix-winner Specialized Roubaix bike's endurance geometry to deliver "unrivalled comfort" for long miles and stable handling while ensuring the Allez can still "dissect a winding road like a pure race bike."

Of course, the Allez isn't just about racing. Specialized says the bike is as great for commuting as checking off your local KOM or weekend group ride. With tire clearance up to 35mm (32mm with fenders), you can even take the Allez on some gravel trips. Better still, the Allez comes in a range of sizes (seven, to be precise), from 44cm to 61cm. Whether you're 4'8" or 6'5", there is a frame for you.

Visit Specialized for more info on the new Allez—prices from £1,100/$1,200 for the Allez E5 and £1,600/$1,800 for the Allez E5 Sport. 

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