Wearing Sony Xperia Ear will be like having an in-ear version of Siri

Plus other Xperia concept tech that could be real rather soon

Xperia Ear is a wireless ear-piece. Think of it as a personal assistant - a bit like having Siri or Google Now with you in your ear.

It provides you with information such as your schedule, weather and the latest news to keep you up-to-date on the go.

Revealed here at MWC 2016, it uses Sony's proprietary voice technology - you can ask it to make a call, perform an internet search, dictate a message or navigate to a certain location. It isn't iOS compatible, but can be used with any Android handset.

It connects to your Android smartphone via NFC or Bluetoothand talks to a host app that tyou can customise.

There's a soft silicone ear-bud designed for continuous wear, with IPX2 water-protection and all-day battery life. It's available in Graphite Black and the case (see main pic) doubles as a charger, so you can simply pop it in when you need to recharge.

The Xperia Ear release date is Summer 2016.

Xperia concept gear

Sony also demonstrated these potental products:

Xperia Eye is a conceptual vision for an ultra compact, wearable wide-angle lens camera - with the flexibility to be easily attached to clothing or worn around the neck. It represents a proof-of-concept exploration to bring Sony's acclaimed camera and sensing technology to its smallest ever form-factor - featuring a 360-degree spherical lens for a natural field of view. Its intelligent shutter technologywill use facial and voice detection to capture images, allowing you to enjoy and preserve life's moments without thinking about the technology.

The Xperia Projector concept will enrich, empower and stimulate creative family communication using a natural and interactive interface projection on any clear surface. It will respond to touch, voice and gestures just as you would interact with your smartphone screen.

The Xperia Agent concept is a vision for a personalised assistant. It will enhance everyday life by responding to voice and gestures - providing you with useful information, communication assistance and home appliance controls. It is also powered by Sony's voice technology and will respond to a number of commands – and has a built-in camera and projector display for projecting content onto surfaces.

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