Sonos Port: on sale NOW, makes your turntable into a multi-room turntable

Stream your record collection around the house, or plug in any other analogue source

Sonos Port Release Date Price
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Sonos Port is a replacement for the venerable Sonos Connect that promises to make any analogue source you have into a multi-room component – the most obvious being a record player. Aimed primarily at the custom install market, it's also going to have allure for a lot of turntable owners.

Once your trusty old record player (or trendy, new vinyl turntable) is plugged in, you can stream your old Jethro Tull LPs, or 90s rave 12-inches, all around the house… to the delight of your partner and children! And it's officially on sale NOW.

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Sonos announced the all-new Sonos Port today at IFA 2019, alongside the Sonos One SL – essentially a Sonos One without Alexa or Google Assistant – and Sonos Move, Sonos' first battery-powered speaker, which also introduces Bluetooth streaming to the range for the first time.

Sonos Port Release Date Price

Sonos Port: yes, it really is as simple as that

(Image credit: Sonos)

Sonos says it settled on the industrial, discreet and matt box design of the Port with the professional installer community in mind. As such, three Sonos Ports can seamlessly onto a standard AV rack.

Port features a digital-to-analogue converter that's been greatly improved from the Connect, and a 12V trigger, which automatically turns on an amplifier when signalled from the Sonos app. 

As you'd expect from a Sonos product, you're able to stream direct from the app, tor use AirPlay 2. Voice control with Alexa or the Google Assistant is also possible via an Echo or Home speaker. 

As well as the Sonos wireless output there's also an analogue audio output and a coaxial digital one. Again, these are of much more use to custom installers than 'normal' consumers. 

This is also reflected in the pricing, which feels a tad high for the high street, but is a figure most in the custom install market will not even blink at.

Sonos Port price and release date

Sonos says the Port is available in 'limited quantities' from today. It's unclear exactly how many units will be available, as Sonos says 'broad global availability' isn't coming until January 2020. So get stuck in, is what we say.

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