Best Sonos deals for June 2024, on Sonos One, Beam, Roam and more

The best Sonos deals we can find, including Beam, Arc, Sub, Move, One and One SL MEGA DEALS

Best cheap Sonos deals 2022, image shows Sonos range of speakers
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Here is T3's comprehensive guide to the best Sonos deals on everything from multi-room speakers to soundbars. 

If you were to think about wireless audio, most people's minds will go straight to Sonos: the company makes some of the best multi-room speakers in the business, and has been doing for a number of years now. 

There are regular Sonos sales throughout the year but you've come at the perfect time because if luck's on your side, you might be able to find some great deals on the run-up to Christmas. Our automatic price checkers pull in the lowest prices for all Sonos products from across the web right now.

Sonos speakers can carry your tunes from room to room with ease, and all the big names are supported: Apple Music, Spotify, iTunes, Google Play Music and more. Everything sounds superb coming through a Sonos speaker as well.

In recent years, Sonos has added AirPlay 2, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant to its speaker range, giving you even more ways to queue up your tunes of choice. All Sonos speakers work seamlessly together as well, so you can set up your smart home or home cinema/home theatre system however you like.

Sonos now makes some of the best soundbars, and has finally got around to making one of the best Bluetooth speakers too, as its selection expands.

Don't forget we also have a guide to the best Bose deals, if that brand is more your speed.

Best Sonos One deals

Best Sonos deals Sonos One

This is the perfect way into the world of Sonos speakers, with the options of stereo pairing capability and on-board digital assistant support. It's a similar size to the likes of the Amazon Echo (4th gen) but sounds much better, and offers both Alexa and Google Assistant voice controls. Here's our full Sonos One review.

You can also get the Sonos One SL, which is the same for speaker quality, but just doesn't include any voice assistant options.

Best Sonos Beam (2nd Gen) deals

Sonos Beam on white background

The Sonos Beam 2 is a compact, inexpensive, Alexa/Google Assistant-enabled soundbar. It gives you great sound from your TV system as well as streamed music.

What is so impressive about the Beam is the big sound it produces from such a relatively narrow speaker array, even with some Dolby Atmos positional audio tricks. It adds a bit of beef to cinema soundtracks and is also superb with music streamed via the absolute plethora of services that Sonos' app supports, plus Apple AirPlay 2. Here's our full Sonos Beam (2nd Gen) review.

And in the future, you could always add a pair of Sonos Ones to create a very capable Dolby surround system. Add a sub bass speaker and you have a pounding 5.1 behemoth, albeit a rather expensive one.

Best Sonos Arc deals

Sonos Arc on white background

(Image credit: Sonos)

The flagship Sonos soundbar supports Dolby Atmos and puts up a veritable wall of sound, as well as being a typically stylish thing. Our full Sonos Arc review explains exactly what makes it sound so good – spoilers: it's the fact that it has 11 speakers and know how to use them. But that makes it a pretty premium price, and it doesn't get many discounts – here are the current lowest prices, though.

Best Sonos Roam deals

Sonos Roam

(Image credit: Sonos)

This might be a portable speaker first and foremost, but it's also a fully fledged Sonos Wi-Fi speaker. It's the smallest speaker Sonos makes by a long way, and is built to be waterproof and tough. It includes Bluetooth playback as well as Wi-Fi, and will auto-switch seamless from one to the other if you grab it and leave the Wi-Fi network while still playing something. And when you return, it can auto-switch to playing whatever's on it to your bigger Sonos speakers. The sound quality is impressive, naturally.

Best Sonos Move deals

The Move is Sonos' first portable speaker, and the first to have Bluetooth built-in. This is no tiny wireless speaker to sling in a backpack, though – it's bigger than the likes of the Sonos One, and is weighty. But it sounds better than just about any other portable wireless speaker out there. Perfect for the garden, or just to be able to take from room to room. And it's still a full Sonos multi-room Wi-Fi speaker too, of course.

Best Sonos Five deals

Best Sonos deals: Sonos Five

(Image credit: Sonos)

The successor to the Sonos Play:5, this sounds largely identical to the big older speaker, but has greatly enhanced processing power, to support high-res audio, Alexa and Google voice control and future upgrades that will bring who-knows-what. The Five is a newcomer to the Sonos line so you probably won't see many deals on it, but here are the latest prices.

Best Sonos Sub deals

Best Sonos deals Sonos Sub

Sonos' subwoofer is very expensive, massively outweighing the price of most of its speakers, so adding one to your setup is quite an investment. But it brings a lot of rewards, because it uses some pretty smart tech. It uses two force-cancelling drivers, which means twin speakers sit literally opposite it each other, so that any unwanted rattling in the case from one is cancelled by equal force from the other. The idea is that it can produce massively deep and powerful bass, but that booms in your ears, rather than rattling your vases off the shelf.

Best Sonos Amp & Sonos Port deals

Best Sonos deals Sonos Amp

Sonos makes a couple of key components for more traditional hi-fi systems that you'd like to make work with Sonos. Sonos Port is a simple box that enables you to use its line-in to connect something like a record player and stream it to your Sonos speakers wirelessly. Alternatively, connect it to your amp and you can add your wired hi-fi speakers as Sonos speakers, effectively.

The Sonos Amp is exactly what it sounds like – you can use it as a traditional amp with wired hi-fi components, but it also makes everything connected to it part of a Sonos setup.

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